by Chris Adede . Oct 18, 2022

Giga Berlin's First Tesla Model Y Arrive In Taiwan Ahead Of December Deliveries

Image Credited: @hsumacher

Tesla Model Y have started arriving in Taiwan ahead of their first December deliveries, coming from Germany.

On Friday, a black Model Y was spotted on its way to the Tesla Neihu Center in Taipei, packed by Michael Hsu, founder of Tesla Owners Taiwan. This may suggest that the vehicle will be displayed for nearby consumers to examine in person.

Tesla Model Y have started arriving in Taiwan

Image Credited: @hsumacher 

The delivery came just days after Tesla announced that it had begun shipping Model Y from Germany instead of China due to ongoing geopolitical tensions between Taiwan and China. The delivery is likely to be a welcome sight for local Tesla fans. Michael was the first person in Taiwan to order the Model Y when Tesla opened its order books last month. He received his VIN number on Thursday and was able to schedule his delivery for December 5 at 11 am, which he said was the first available date for him.

hsumacher TwitterImage Credited: @hsumacher 

Ultrasonic sensors will not be present in any Model Y cars sent to Taiwan. However, this is not apparent from the photo of Michael's Model Y.

Tesla decided to export Model Ys from Germany rather than China because of increasing geopolitical concerns between Taiwan and China.

The distance between these two nations is only about 700 kilometers (434 miles). 1229 kilometers separate Tesla Shanghai from Hong Kong (764 miles).

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