by Morton E. . Dec 21, 2023

Deck the Halls with Tech-tastic Tesla Treats: Here's Hanshhow's 2023 Christmas Extravaganza!

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Ho ho ho, Tesla fans! This Christmas, Hanshhow isn't just leaving milk and cookies for Santa – we're showering you with electrifying deals worthy of Tony Stark's workshop! Dive into our year-end bonanza and unlock a treasure trove of techy goodies for your beloved Tesla.

Spin the Wheel of Merry Savings: Sign up for our email list and take a spin on our festive wheel of fortune! Land on instant discounts of up to 45% and snag the perfect stocking stuffer for your Model 3 or Model Y. Plus, subscribing unlocks an exclusive Cybertruck surprise you won't want to miss (wink wink).

Model 3 Highland Mania: Calling all early adopters! We're gearing up to become your one-stop shop for Model 3 Highland accessories. Stay tuned for exciting new releases and pre-order them before anyone else – Hanshhow is your Model 3 Highland aftermarket MVP! Check them out here!

Gift of Giving, Tesla Style: Ditch the fruitcake and give the gift that keeps on gifting (tech) with Hanshhow Christmas Gift Cards! Snag a $1,000 card for just $900 or a $500 one for $475! Stack these savings with other discounts for maximum merriment, and watch your recipient's eyes light up brighter than a Model X's headlights during a Light Show. 

Discounts Dazzling Like Reindeer Eyes: Hold onto your stockings, folks, because the deals are flying thick and fast! Select items, including our Hansshow Model 3/Y F68 CarPlay Dashboard Touch Screen, Hansshow Model 3/Y H7 Plus Rear Touch Screen CarPlay Auto Display, and Hansshow Model 3/Y Yoke Style Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel, are now a whopping 45% off. Time to treat your Tesla to a festive tech makeover!

Spend & Sparkle: Spread some holiday cheer and reward yourself with free goodies! Spend over $200 and grab a pair of car air fresheners to keep your Tesla smelling as fresh as a December breeze. Top that off with a free Cyberwhistle Stealth when you spend over $400 – talk about a stocking stuffer upgrade!

Don't wait! This sleigh full of Tesla treasures won't stay parked forever. Spin the wheel, snag your Cybertruck surprise, and let the Christmas shopping merriment begin!

So, this holiday season, ditch the mall madness and power up your Tesla spirit with Hansshow's Christmas Extravaganza. Happy Holidays, everyone!

It’s the 2023 Holiday Season and we’re feeling the giving spirit. In honor of an excellent year, we are offering several special promotions for you, including up to 45% off your favorite items! Happy Hansshow Holidays!

Hansshow Model 3/Y F9 9 Inches Touch Screen CarPlay/Android Auto Smart Dashboard: Designed for the Tesla Model Y and pre-Highland Model 3 sedans, our flagship dashboard screen features a special design with a reserved air vent, ensuring that you can still enjoy your Tesla’s excellent HVAC system. Its large 9-inch screen is also a joy to use, with its special UI themes, adaptive day and night mode, and most of all =, display synchronization and steering wheel controls. 

Hanshhow Tesla Model 3/Y F68 CarPlay Dashboard Touch Screen: Powered by a high-performance Linux system, our F68 dashboard touch screen features support for Carplay and 5G connectivity. Its stunning 6.86-inch 2.5D HD screen displays vibrant and clear graphics, and its touchscreen interface provides quick access to apps and other functions.

Hanshhow Model 3/Y Rear Entertainment and Climate Control Touch Screen Display H7: The H7 is one of our most popular items, and for good reason. Designed for the pre-Highland Model 3 and Model Y, this Android 12-powered system integrates seamlessly with the Tesla OBD port to provide entertainment and other critical functions to rear passengers. 

A final word: Don't forget to place the code "HMORTON" upon checkout. This should give you 20% off your entire order from our online store. Do take note that this code applies to orders that are worth $80 and up. 

Check out some fresh items from our Tesla shop here!

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