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Model Y Makes a Mark in Singapore: Top Seller EV

Credit: Tesla

Model Y is setting a record in its launch processes. It is undoubtedly heralding the start of a new era in green automobiles. It's an era that is not only sustainable but also full of adventure and exploration.

The Tesla Model Y is setting the world on fire. The compact SUV became the top seller EV in Singapore in September 2022, which is only its first month of sales.

The Model Y gave a great boost to further success in the country's market, and it also shows that people are hungry for greener alternatives to traditional cars.

The Tesla Model Y has become the best-selling EV in Singapore for September, according to data published by @darenyoong/Twitter.

The manufacturer registered 219 cars, and the results show that the Model Y accounts for more than half of all Tesla sales in the city-state.

The manufacturer has yet to announce its global sales figures for September. However, data from Singapore's Land Transport Authority (LTA) shows that the company registered 219 vehicles that month. The data does not divide by model but only by segment.

Singapore only sells Model 3 and Model Y, though it is expected to add Model S and Model X variants soon.

There is a different case for other manufacturers needing to release their units sold for different models.

The Model Y sold more than any other car in Singapore during September, according to data from the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

That's more than the cumulative sales of cars by individual manufacturers by segment. The second most frequently registered cars belong to Honda, which sold 575 units.

In the previous month, 172 Model Y units were registered, allowing the car to take first place in its segment. The data indicate that 172 units in the SUV segment were registered.

The third result belongs to Mercedes-Benz, which registered 171 units in the SUV segment.

Daren Yoong Twitter

Photo Source: Daren Yoong

In September, Tesla became the best-selling car in Singapore for the month. This was partial because deliveries started for Model Y on August 31, but it also speaks to a larger trend: people are beginning to see how electric cars can improve their lives.

The company has been steadily improving its models, with each new iteration having more features than the last. This year's release of Model Y was met with great anticipation and excitement.

According to insideevs, with Tesla's electric car purchase incentive of SGD 25,000 (about $17,920), many buyers can save money on their new vehicle purchases.

And if you buy your Tesla before December 31, 2022, you'll also qualify for an additional rebate of SGD 20,000 (about $14,335) before December 31, 2023.

When you combine all these benefits with a car that's cheaper than gas-powered vehicles over time—and has no emissions. It's easy to see why so many drivers choose an electric car over other options.

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