by Morton E. . Sep 19, 2023

New Tesla Model 3 Delivery Times Extended To November-December In The Netherlands

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Customers of the new Tesla Model 3 in the Netherlands will be waiting for their electric cars a bit longer. According to Tesla's order page for the Model 3, the estimated delivery times for new orders of the Model 3 Long Range All Wheel Drive (AWD) in the Netherlands have been extended to November-December 2023. 

Why it matters: The updated Tesla Model 3 was released after much anticipation a few weeks ago. The new Model 3 presented several key improvements to the popular electric car. These include a completely revised exterior and a completely redone interior that's inspired by the Model S and Model X. 

In Europe, the new Model 3 was released in most European countries including Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, and The Netherlands. The vehicle is yet to be released in countries like the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as the United States. 

What's happening: The estimated delivery times of Tesla's electric cars could be viewed as a general indicator of a vehicle's demand. If the estimated delivery date of a car starts getting longer and the factories that are producing it are operating normally, it could suggest that demand is increasing. Shorter estimated delivery times could suggest the opposite thing, provided that Tesla's output of the vehicle in its factories remains the same. 

With this in mind, the new Tesla Model 3, known in EV circles as Project Highland, seems to be seeing strong demand in the Netherlands. Before the estimated delivery date of the vehicle was moved to November-December 2023, the vehicle's estimated delivery date was listed as October-November 2023. This bodes well for the updated Model 3 since Gigafactory Shanghai, the only Tesla factory producing the new Model 3, is not slowing down at all.  

Before the Model Y became the world's best-selling car, the majority of Tesla's sales were comprised of the Model 3 sedan. But with the rollout of the Model Y, the Model 3 ended up taking a backseat. With the updated Model 3 in the market, consumer interest in the electric sedan could see a huge rise.

What we have: Being futuristic and minimalist, the Model 3's cabin is a canvas for creative owners who wish to customize their vehicles. This is true for both the original Model 3 and the vehicle's upgraded version. Our offerings at Hansshow are perfect for this purpose. 

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