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The New Tesla Model 3 Interior Is Inspired By The Model S, But It's Missing An Important Part

Image Credit: Tesla Inc.

Tesla revamped the Model 3 sedan with the vehicle’s highly-anticipated “Project Highland” update. But while the all-electric sedan’s interior now looks more like the flagship Model S, the new Model 3 still lacks something important. 

It does not use a yoke steering wheel. 

All About The Yoke 

Tesla’s yoke steering wheel is as polarizing as the Cybertruck’s angular frame. Some EV owners love its futuristic feel, while others dislike it for being too different. The yoke has some advantages, however.

With the yoke in place, drivers are more likely to hold the steering wheel in the three and nine positions, which optimizes safety and control. It also provides a great view of the road, which is perfect for a car like the Model 3, which has a relatively flat dashboard. 

Granted, Tesla now offers the Model S and Model X with a regular round steering wheel by default, but CEO Elon Musk remains supportive of the steering yoke until today.  

The New Tesla Model 3’s Interior Changes

The new Model 3 features a brand new interior that is evidently inspired by the Model S and Model X. With the update in place, the new Model 3 now comes with its own rear display, and the front seats now have both heating and cooling functions

Prior to the Highland update, Model 3 owners who wish to have a Model S-inspired rear display must opt for third-party solutions, such as our Hansshow Tesla Model 3/Y H72 Rear CarPlay Screen. The five-star reviews of our product show that Tesla owners appreciate a rear display on the Model 3. 

The new Model 3 now features a stalkless driving system like the Model S. This means that the updated all-electric sedan now uses its touchscreen as its primary drive mode selector. According to the new Model 3’s Owner’s Manual, a manual gear selector is present on the new Model 3’s overhead console, and the vehicle also includes Auto Shift Out of Park features. 


One Thing Missing

But while the new Model 3’s interior is already mostly Model S-inspired, the vehicle is still equipped with a round steering wheel. With everything that’s been updated in the new Model 3’s interior, it seemed like a yoke steering wheel should at least be an optional upgrade for the vehicle, but it’s not. 

This is unfortunate since a yoke steering wheel on the Model 3 Highland would look amazing. Coupled with a stalkless system and a touch-based drive mode selector, the driving experience of the new Model 3 would practically be identical to the Model S if it had a yoke. 

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