by Morton E. . Sep 21, 2023

New Tesla Model 3 Test Drives Announced In China

Image Credit: Yang Chan/X

Social media posts from Tesla China indicate that test drives of the updated Model 3 sedan are coming. With test drives for the new Model 3 starting, more potential customers could experience Tesla's newest vehicle firsthand. 

Why it matters: The new Tesla Model 3 features a number of improvements to the best-selling EV. Its front and rear ends have been revised to create a more sporty and aggressive look. Its interior is fully revamped as well, with a new center console, seats, a second display at the rear, and a Model S/X-inspired stalkless driving system.

Test drives of the Model 3 Highland that have been shared online have typically involved established social media influencers and YouTube hosts. If Tesla China is opening test drives for the vehicle soon, it would mean that mainstream consumers would soon be able to experience the new sedan

What's happening: As could be seen in Tesla China's social media posts, the company is now inviting customers to test drive the new Model 3. Tesla VP Grace Tao, in a post on Weibo, advised clients to "make an appointment first." This way, the executive said, customers could "experience the new car as soon as it arrives at the store." 

In its early days, Tesla was able to grow and establish its brand by word of mouth. The company's strategy of pushing test drives for potential car buyers is therefore well within character for Tesla. After all, the more people experience the new Model 3, the more potential customers the vehicle will have. 

Tesla China's focus on test drivers could pay off for the new Model 3's sales. Reviewers who have tested the vehicle have said that the new Model 3 is a significant improvement compared to its previous iteration. Fortunately for consumers, even the previous generation Model 3 was already one of the best bang-for-the-buck cars in the world. 


What we have: While the new Model 3 is already being shipped from Gigafactory Shanghai, the vehicle is still expected to be rolled out in the United States months from now. So if you want to make your Model 3 more eye-catching with some Highland-inspired accessories, we have you covered. 

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