by Morton E. . Sep 16, 2023

Rivian Is Becoming The Strongest EV Startup In The United States

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Registration data from Experian shows that among the new electric car companies in the United States, Rivian is currently the strongest. Rivian's sales of the R1T and R1S far exceed those of its peers such as Lucid, VinFast, and Fisker. 

Why it matters: Breaking into the US auto market is a very difficult task. Among new automakers, only Tesla has really made it, and even then, it took the company many long and painful years and several instances of near-death before it became the EV behemoth it is today. 

The race is now on to see which new electric car maker can follow Tesla's footsteps. Competing for this position are companies like Rivian, Lucid, Fisker, and VinFast, all of whom are trying to take a piece of the ever-growing electric car market. 

What's happening: According to Experian data, Rivian saw 2,783 registrations for the R1T and R1S in July. This was a slight improvement over its monthly average of 2,596 in the first half of 2023.

In comparison, Lucid saw 348 registrations for the Lucid Air. VinFast, which stated that it had imported about 2,000 VF8 crossovers to California, only had 19 registrations in July. Fisker had 30 registrations of its Ocean crossover SUV, according to Automotive News

From January to July, Rivian's total registrations reached 18,359 vehicles, and that doesn't count the EDV commercial vans that it delivers to Amazon. Over the seven-month period, the Rivian R1T saw a total of 7,611 registrations. The R1S, an SUV, saw a total of 10,748 registrations. These numbers are pretty close to the results of EVs from mainstream automakers. The Ford F-150 Lightning had 11,883 registrations in the January to July period.  

What experts are saying: 

Karl Brauer, executive analyst at iSeeCars, stated that Rivian's results show that it is gaining strength in the market. 

"Rivian is still the most viable non-mainstream EV maker out there, though I'm not convinced they will survive without outside help in the form of more investment or just a full purchase. The second half of 2023 will be the real time frame to watch, as everything from economic concerns to increased EV model launches are going to put more pressure on the startups. The same basic story goes for Lucid, VinFast, and Fisker. These companies are well behind Rivian in terms of establishing a buyer base," he said. 

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