by Chris Adede . Oct 25, 2022

Smart Summon for Tesla’s FSD Is Nearly Complete

Image Credit: Tesla ModelY

Tesla has been on the move to improve summoning features, and it looks like the company is almost ready to roll out a more effective version of its Smart Summon feature.

Smart Summon has thus far been more of a party trick than a tool actively utilized by FSD customers, but Tesla aims to change that with the introduction of version The new release is being tested in an FSD Beta program, and testers have noticed significant improvements in its performance since its release.

According to a user of FSD who tested Smart Summon, “There was a nasty bug that I reported to Tesla where the car forgets that it was reversing when it was last moving when it is off. When it boots up again, it remembers its location and its direction of travel. But it assumes that was driving forwards, so it now thinks it’s pointing 180 degrees from reality,”

Tesla users tend to use this feature when fewer cars are in the parking lot or when they need to move their vehicles from one spot to another without walking there.

However, there are still some issues with Smart Summon regarding parking and backward driving that need fixing before customers would feel comfortable using it regularly. The feature tends to get confused if multiple cars are parked close by.

Tesla Owner Silicon Valley

Image Credit: Tesla Owner Silicon Valley 

This can be problematic if you're trying to park in a tight spot and need to back up your vehicle. The company is currently working on resolving this issue. Summoning features will improve once the company moves the elements to a single FSD stack.

Elon Musk said in 2021 that Smart Summon was sometimes helpful, but mostly it was "just a fun trick." However, he also said that once Tesla puts all of these features on a single stack of FSD, driving on the highway would get better.

This means that once they decide to move all summoning features under one umbrella. Users can expect even better performance from the Tesla car's smart features once the company decides to move all summoning features under one umbrella.

The company plans on releasing version 10.69.3 soon. A version that Elon Musk hinted would contain significant FSD enhancements based on 10.69 improvements. This could indicate that Tesla is close to releasing a single Tesla FSD stack—something we've long been waiting for!

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