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"Starlink For Rv" Spacex Internet Service Has Reached 100k Subscribers

12 October, 2022- SpaceX just announced that their Internet service "Starlink for RV" has potentially reached 100k subscribers in a short time. It means that Starlink has increased 70,000 subscribers from four months ago when it had only 40,000 users. This prepaid service was unfurled in May 2022. It provides a stable Internet connection via Starlink Satellite.


Starlink for RV is an impressive service that allows the availability of Internet in those areas where there was no Internet facility before. SpaceX said the connection is extremely reliable, speedy, and smooth.


The service gives consumers access to a constellation of about 3,200 satellites in low earth orbit, providing dependable high-speed internet. According to the provider Starlink for RVs offers the flexibility to pause and unpause service at any time and is priced in one-month increments.

Anadolu Agency

Source: Anadolu Agency


Stalink for RV allows users to personalise their service to their own travel needs. Customers who travel around a lot or who own a vacation home in a rural region are loving it. According to the company's website, the Starlink gear needed to access the Starlink network costs $599 USD. It needs a monthly internet membership fee of $135 which is way too high.


The inventor of SpaceX, Elon Musk, suggested last week that the service's name, "Starlink for RV," might change. He noted on Twitter that "we might need a different name," as this is essentially just Starlink with roaming functionality, allowing you to take your terminal wherever you want.

Elon Musk Twitter

The additional details can be seen on SpaceX Starlink Coverage Map. Moreover, SpaceX offers support for moving vehicles such as cruise ships and aeroplanes. 44 nations around the world are currently using the Starlink service. Starlink for RV has an active Internet coverage throughout the world. But the congestion on the service is causing a mess in the speed of the Internet.

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