by Chris Adede . Dec 29, 2022

Tesla Adds Intriguing Center Screen Tilting Feature to Model S and Model X

Source: Tesla

Tesla owners are excited about a new, intriguing feature just added to the Model S and Model X: the ability to tilt the center touchscreen in both right and left directions.

A Twitter video shows how this function works on these vehicles, which currently lack this ability. The video has gained much traction from Tesla owners, who are eager to see it added to their vehicles.

One thing to note is that while this function can be adjusted left and right on the Model S and Model X, it cannot be adjusted up and down.

Buyt if you want to own a Model Y or Model 3 swivel screen, you can install the Swiveling Mount kit. Moreover, you can use manual adjustment to tilt your screen up or down.

According to sources from the company, Tesla has been working on a new center screen tilting feature for its Model S and Model X vehicles.

The sources, famed Tesla community member Ryan McCaffery quoted on Twitter, said that the company has started manufacturing tilt-able screens for Model S/X vehicles.

McCaffery posted his Tweet on April, 2022 and since then, the release of the screen feature has been imminent. A video he shared shows the screen swivel mechanism controlled from a touchscreen UI.

Tesla will likely enable this function through a software update. However, it's important to note that the UI and software revealed in the video are factory versions meant for testing purposes.

The UI seen in the video will add new Model S tilt screen retrofit icons to the Control section of Model S/Xs running this software version.

Sandy Murro and his engineering team discovered the feature. Murro was looking into the design of the center screen to determine how it worked and what it could do.

His research revealed that the screen featured most mechanisms necessary to enable up and down movement. Still, he found no evidence that these motors had ever been used or activated.

We learned that this feature would be included in all new models of Model S/X vehicles produced this year.

The rotating screen is one of the most intriguing features of these vehicles, which already offer many innovative features. The ability to tilt the screen gives users even more control over their vehicle's interface.

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