by Chris Adede . Nov 15, 2022

Tesla Approved for a Direct Sale in Israel with 5K Vehicles Lined Up

Credit: @DriveTeslaca/Twitter

Tesla will deliver around 5,000 vehicles to Israel in the coming weeks. This will be the biggest shipment of all time, with 2,500 vehicles ready to be delivered at the port and another 2,500 awaiting customs clearance.

The biggest shipment of all time for Tesla indicates that demand for their electric cars is rising in the country. The company has been working hard to increase its sales in Israel, as they haven’t made it big yet.

Tesla's deliveries in Q4 2022 are ongoing, and the company is now looking to expand its presence in the country.

The move is strategic for Tesla, as it comes ahead of an upcoming purchase tax increase law in Israel. The new law will see an increase in all-electric vehicles, leading many to consider purchasing before it goes into effect.

This is the largest consignment that Tesla has delivered to Israel so far. Approximately 5000 Models set to arrive at the port of Ashdod. These cars were manufactured at Giga Shanghai - one of two Gigafactories owned by Tesla.

Tesla's shipments to Israel are set to start rolling in the coming weeks. The electric car company has already shipped around 5,000 cars to the country. This is not the only major shipment planned for Q4. Another batch of cars is set to hit the docks at Ashdod in the coming weeks.

The cars were manufactured from a factory located in Giga Shanghai, China. They are powered by Tesla's latest generation of batteries. These batteries have been shown to improve battery life significantly over previous models.

Israel has been a huge success story for Tesla. The country has one of the world's highest rates of electric vehicle ownership per capita.

Globes reported that hundreds of Tesla electric vehicles are already in the expected batches for leasing companies. The electric vehicles will be delivered to their customers under contracts already signed.

According to the report, Tesla does not allow leasing companies to list the cars they buy for resale immediately. This is because the company wants to ensure that the cars are kept in good condition. Also, not used in ways that could affect their performance or durability.

Companies are willing to take more complex steps to provide their customers with the desired Tesla electric vehicles. This includes taking delivery of new models from Tesla. Afterward, registering them under their names rather than selling them immediately on the secondary market.

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