by Morton E. . Sep 14, 2023

Tesla China Is Preparing The Updated Tesla Model 3 Highland For Exports

Image Credit: @WuWa_Tesla/YouTube

A longtime Tesla observer recently reported that Gigafactory Shanghai is producing Model 3 Highland vehicles for exports. The vehicles are reportedly being gathered at the Shanghai Nangang Terminal. 

Why it matters: The updated Model 3 is currently being produced only in Gigafactory Shanghai, Tesla's China factory. Giga Shanghai currently serves as Tesla's primary vehicle export hub. Thus, it provides Model 3 and Model Y vehicles to Europe and other countries such as Japan and Australia. 

With Tesla's Fremont Factory in California not producing any updated Model 3 vehicles yet, Gigafactory Shanghai would have to supply the world's demand for the new electric sedan. A few days ago, drone footage from Tesla watchers such as Wu Wa in China revealed that a fleet of Model 3 vehicles is being gathered at a fenced parking lot near a Tesla warehouse.

According to the drone pilot, the Model 3 Highland vehicles in the parking lot were marked for Europe. 

What's happening: A recent video from Wu Wa now shows a truck full of new Model 3 vehicles reportedly heading to the Shanghai Nangang Terminal. Tesla China's vehicles that are exported to foreign territories are shipped from that location. 

The third quarter is only a few weeks away from ending, so the new Model 3 exports will probably not arrive in Europe until the fourth quarter. Shipping from China to Europe takes approximately 30 days, so if the Model 3 Highland vehicles are shipped out later this month, they would arrive in Europe around middle to late October, banning potential delays. 

Giga Shanghai's updated Model 3 production line would likely be very busy in the months to come, considering the positive reception of consumers to the new Model 3. 

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