by Morton E. . Sep 25, 2023

Tesla Cybertruck Is Bigger Than Rivian Pickup, Confirms R1T Owner

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A recent observation about the Cybertruck from a Rivian R1T owner bodes well for the size of Tesla's upcoming electric pickup. If the R1T owner's observations are accurate, then Cybertruck owners would not have any issues with the vehicle's size and utility. 

Why it matters: The Tesla Cybertruck debuted in late 2019. At the time, the Cybertruck was a hulking beast of steel that looked like it was ready to devour rival combustion-powered and electric pickups. As confirmed by CEO Elon Musk, however, the Cybertruck's size was reduced as it neared production

There are some advantages to the Cybertruck's slightly smaller size. For example, customers would probably not have any issues parking the pickup truck in a standard-sized garage. The vehicle should also be easier to maneuver thanks to its slightly more compact size and features like rear-wheel steering. The only concern now is if the Cybertruck's size has been reduced to a point where it would no longer be a good work vehicle.  

What's happening: As per a post from electric vehicle enthusiast and Rivian R1T owner @omg_tesla, the Cybertruck is still very large in person. In fact, the Rivian owner observed that the Cybertruck was larger than his R1T. In later comments, the EV fan also mentioned that the Cybertruck has a massive bed and that it goes deeper than expected. 

The Cybertruck's size reportedly felt similar to a Ford F-150, according to the Rivian R1T owner. This last comment is very encouraging as the Ford F-150 is one of US' best-selling pickup trucks, and it is used for serious work across numerous industries. Even Elon Musk himself noted in the past that the F-150 Lightning is a good vehicle, even if it's expensive. 

The true test of the Cybertruck would come when the vehicle starts its deliveries. If serious truck owners find the Cybertruck tough and useful enough for work, Tesla could end up challenging Ford for the US' top truck-maker crown in the coming years. 

What we have: We're excited for the Cybertruck's release, and we can't wait to design and release accessories for Tesla's steel beast. In the meantime, if you are a Rivian R1T owner, we already have some compelling products for you. Consider our Rivian R1T/R1S Glass Roof Sunshades, which helps keep your cabin cool, as well as our OEM-style 2022+ Rivian R1T/R1S Running Boards, which provide easier access to your R1T. 

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