by Morton E. . Sep 26, 2023

Tesla Cybertruck Looks Ready For Customer Deliveries In Giga Texas Sighting

Image Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer/YouTube

A recent drone flyover of the Giga Texas complex revealed a couple of new Cybertruck units that are very exciting. According to drone operator and Giga Texas watcher Joe Tegtmeyer, Tesla is now producing "master candidate" units of the Cybertruck, and they look really good. 

Why it matters: Tesla Cybertruck sightings over the past weeks have mostly been focused on prototypes and release candidates of the all-electric pickup truck. This meant that while the vehicles were fully functional, they were still not as refined as the Cybertruck's production version, which would be delivered to customers. 

According to a recent drone flyover of the Giga Texas complex, it would appear that Tesla is now producing "master candidate" units of the Cybertruck. These Cybertrucks are noticeably more refined than the vehicle's prototypes and release candidates that have been spotted across the United States as of late. 

What's happening: According to drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer, he was informed that the Cybertruck's master candidates are the final iterations of the electric pickup before it enters production. The master candidates are reportedly being produced to ensure that all the tooling in Giga Texas is correct and the pickup truck's production line is ready for a ramp. 

More importantly, the master candidates are reportedly the variants that would likely carry any last-minute changes that Tesla may wish to include in the Cybertruck before it enters production. Tegtmeyer spotted two Cybertruck master candidates in the Giga Texas complex during his flyover, and both vehicles looked very good. 

From the footage of the Cybertruck master candidates, the vehicles appeared very refined with stellar build quality. Interestingly, the drone operator observed that the Cybertruck master candidates were marked as "Series 8," unlike the Cybertruck release candidates, which were marked "Series 6." 

What we have: The Cybertruck is looking better and better, and we're very excited to develop and offer some cool accessories for you. We're pretty sure you and some of your friends are as excited as us about the Cybertruck. With this in mind, consider our Tesla Cybertruck Pickup Truck Alloy Car Model, which is a perfect gift for that one friend who just can't wait to take delivery of his Tesla Cybertruck.  

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