by Morton E. . Sep 19, 2023

Tesla Cybertruck Sighting Bodes Well For Vault Size, Confirms LED Light Bar In Bed

Image Credit: Cybertruck Owners Club

A Tesla Cybertruck release candidate was recently photographed on a residential driveway. The photos are interesting as they hint at the size of the Cybertruck's bed. They also confirm the presence of LED light bars in the pickup's bed. 

Why it matters: Despite its unique appearance, the Cybertruck is a pickup truck at its core. This means that the vehicle does not only need to be tough; it also needs to be useful enough for work. Having a usable bed would allow the Cybertruck to attract traditional pickup truck buyers — those who purchase Ford F-150s instead of Rivian R1Ts. 

With its futuristic design, the Cybertruck already runs the risk of being too different for traditional drivers. If the Cybertruck proves much more useful than a combustion-powered pickup, however, then even the most conservative pickup drivers would likely support it. 

A good way to prove the Cybertruck's usefulness would be to ensure that the vehicle's bed is able to transport large items. Having a good-sized bed is a must for pickup trucks, so Tesla really needs to make sure that the Cybertruck's vault is at least comparable with some of the best in the industry. 

What's happening: A Tesla fan on Facebook, Johnpaul Williams, recently shared several photos of the Cybertruck. According to Williams, his neighbors are test engineers, and they happened to bring home a Cybertruck prototype. Being a Cybertruck reservation holder himself, Williams wasted no time. He took several photos of the Cybertruck, one of which revealed that the vault still has a LED light bar like the 2019 prototype. 

As observed by members of the Cybertruck Owners Club, a photo of the Cybertruck with a six-foot fridge was also shared online. Follow-up posts from Cybertruck Owners Club forum member Gojuryu noted that even with the six-foot fridge lying on its side on the vault, the Cybertruck's tailgate was still up and there were still a few inches of space left. 

Tesla initially announced that the Cybertruck would have a 6.5-foot bed. But since the Cybertruck's overall size has been reduced, it seemed like the vehicle's bed would also be smaller. If the Cybertruck could still transport a full-sized fridge with space to spare, however, then it would seem that the Cybertruck's vault would still be able to offer a decent amount of cargo space. 

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