by Morton E. . Sep 29, 2023

Tesla To Honor Free FSD Transfers For Customers Who Take Delivery After September 30

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Tesla owners who wish to transfer their existing vehicle's Full Self-Driving (FSD) Capability to a new car will have more time, at least according to recent reports from the electric vehicle community. 

Why it matters: Tesla has been selling FSD since 2016, though the suite's main features have only really become impressive in recent years. This means that some Tesla owners have cars that are equipped with FSD but are closing in on seven years old.

Tesla's most advanced FSD features work best with the company's most recent hardware, which happens to be found in new vehicles. Before Elon Musk greenlit the free FSD transfer initiative, owners, including those who purchased FSD in 2016, were encouraged to buy a new car and FSD to access the system's latest features.

With the free FSD transfer program, owners of older Teslas could transfer their FSD to a newer vehicle free of charge. However, Tesla attached several rules to the program, including one that required customers to take delivery of their new car by September 30, 2023. These requirements received criticism from Tesla owners as a new vehicle's delivery date is not controlled by customers.

What's happening: According to reports, Tesla implemented a last-minute change to its free FSD transfer requirements to accommodate owners who will take delivery of a new vehicle after September 30, 2023. The update was shared by Tesla community members Whole Mars Catalog and Sawyer Merritt on X.

It seems Tesla has listened to the feedback from Tesla owners. So customers can now take delivery of their new Tesla past the original September 30 deadline and still be able to take advantage of the free FSD transfer program.

However, Tesla has some requirements for customers to meet. First, customers must still place an order for their new vehicle before September 30, 2023. They must also complete all the pre-delivery tasks in their account. Tesla refers to this as "good faith" on the part of the customer, according to a Drive Tesla report.

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