by Morton E. . Sep 13, 2023

Tesla launches Model S and Model X Plaid Brake Pad Upgrade

Image Credit: Tesla

Tesla has sent out mailers indicating that it is now offering Model S and Model X Brake Pad Upgrades. The upgrades are being offered to Model S and Model X Plaid owners whose vehicles were built before January 2023. 

Why it matters: Tesla's high-performance cars in years past typically stood out because of their red brakes. Teslas are understated to begin with, so the red brake calipers were a good way for those knowledgeable about Teslas to distinguish which cars were Performance and which ones were not. 

Things were different with the Model S and Model X Plaid, however. Even the Model S Plaid that Elon Musk drove to the stage during the vehicle's first delivery event in 2021 featured black brake calipers. 

Granted, black brake calipers only made the Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid more of a sleeper, but some Tesla owners still missed the iconic red brake calipers that graced variants like the Model S P100D with Ludicrous Mode. 

Tesla would later shift back the Model S and Model X Plaid's brake calipers to red. This happened on January 2023. 

What's happening: As could be seen in Tesla's mailer, the EV maker is now offering a brake pad and red caliper upgrade for Model S and Model X Plaid vehicles. The company noted that the upgrade components would offer "better pedal feel, braking predictability, and slower brake fade onset."

The red calipers for the Model S and Model X Plaid cost USD 750 per set. A set of red brake calipers with brake pads costs USD 2,700. 

The reaction: At just USD 750 and USD 2,700, the red brake caliper and brake pad upgrade for the Model S and Model X Plaid is reasonable. Some Tesla owners on X said as much, stating that the prices of the upgrades are not bad at all. 

However, other Tesla owners, including those who purchased their Model S and Model X Plaid while the vehicles were being released with black brake calipers, stated that the upgrade should be given for free. The Model S and Model X Plaid experienced a series of price cuts as of late, after all, so some owners have complained that their cars lost a lot of their value in a short period of time. 

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