by Morton E. . Oct 12, 2023

Tesla Launches Premium Color Wraps for Model 3 and Model Y

Image Credit: Tesla

Tesla is now offering premium color wraps for the Model 3 and Model Y, giving owners the option to give their vehicle a fresh new color without opting for a costly full repaint.

Tesla describes its wraps as follows: “Wrap your Model 3 or Model Y in one of our premium Color Wraps, only available through Tesla. Offered in seven exclusive colors, this self-healing urethane-based film protects the paint beneath from chips, scratches and swirling.”

The wraps are made from a self-healing urethane-based film that protects the paint beneath from chips, scratches, and swirling, according to Tesla. They are available in seven colors: Satin Ceramic White, Slip Grey, Satin Stealth Black, Satin Rose Gold, Glacier Blue, Forest Green, and Crimson Red.

Tesla’s wraps are priced at a premium. Satin Ceramic White, Slip Grey, and Satin Stealth Black cost $7,500, and Satin Rose Gold, Glacier Blue, Forest Green, and Crimson Red cost a very expensive $8,000. A clear wrap in gloss or satin finish is also available for $5,000 as well, according to Electrek

For now, only two Tesla locations are offering the company’s color wrapping service. They are the Tesla Service Centers in West Covina and Carlsbad, California, according to an InsideEVs report. Tesla also notes that it may take about 5-7 business days for the wrapping process to be completed. 

The premium color wraps are only available for 2023 or newer Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. Customers who wish to order a wrap for their vehicles through the Tesla App must also have at least version 4.23.0 so they can purchase the wraps.

Why it matters: This is the first time Tesla has offered color wraps for its vehicles in the United States. The wraps are a more affordable and less permanent option for owners who want to change the color of their car without going for a full repaint.

What to watch for: It will be interesting to see how popular the color wraps are with Tesla owners. The wraps are a significant investment, but they could be a good option for owners who want to personalize their car or protect the factory paint color. 

It would also be very exciting to see what wraps will be available for the Tesla Cybertruck.

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