by Areej Fatima . Oct 27, 2022

Tesla Launches Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red paint for the Giga Berlin

Cherry Red and Quicksilver Tesla
Photo Source: Drive Tesla


The Tesla Model Y from Giga Berlin has already arrived in Taiwan. Tesla's official Twitter and Instagram accounts shared some breathtaking photographs and videos of the new Model Y hues quicksilver and midnight cherry red.

Tesla has posted a video teaser demonstrating how similar the Quicksilver paint is to the Model 3's Silver Metallic color, which is no longer available. On the other side, Midnight Cherry Red has a deep red color similar to the Signature Red paint that Tesla introduced with the first Model S back in 2012.

Tesla S
Tesla Model S
Photo Source: Tesla


Tesla explained the new paints' properties made at Giga Berlin. According to Tesla, both are composed of highly-pigmented metallic paint intended to alter based on the light and viewing angle.

As Tesla notes, Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red are constructed of highly pigmented paint that is intended to shift based on lighting and viewing angle. It is also a result of the business's cutting-edge paint shop, which has the capacity for 13 coats of varying thicknesses. Both the new paint selections are accessible in Europe and the Middle East.

 Tesla Vehicle

Photo Source: Electrek

According to the German Model Y configurator, adding Quicksilver as a paint option will cost an extra €3,000, and adding Midnight Cherry Red would cost an extra €3,200.

In contrast, Tesla's earlier color options, which cost €1,600 for Midnight Silver Metallic and €2,000 for Red Multi-Coat, are still displayed in the Model Y configurator in the Netherlands.

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