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Tesla Model 3 Belt Cause The Fifth Physical Recall Of 2022

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Although the Tesla Model 3 has sales of 55,030 recently. Tesla has still announced a total of fifteen recalls in 2022. The recent recall is the fifth physical recall for a seat belt improperly installed in the car, while the other fourteen were all resolved with updates in Over-the-air software.

Following the discovery of a potential issue with seat belt anchors in the back seats, the NHTSA reported on October 21 that the Tesla Company would recall 24,064 units of the Model 3. "Tesla recalls certain Model 3 cars from 2017 to 2022.

According to the NHTSA, the second-row center seat belt anchor and second-row left seat belt buckle may have been improperly reinstalled during vehicle maintenance.

Model 3 interior
Credit: Teslarati

Affected vehicles will be required to attend a nearby service center for a free repair as part of Tesla's solution to the issue. This is only Tesla's fifth-year recall requiring physical service center visits from impacted units.

As the updated software has gotten more integrated into automobiles, many problems may be fixed with an update, just like they might on a smartphone. However, the NHTSA and other organizations continue to classify these as "recalls," which has generated a lot of constructive discussions.

After some service professionals discovered the loose components in August, an internal inquiry got underway. At US service locations, 105 faulty seat belt reassembly were discovered.


Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3
Credit: WOODTV


The precise service centers accountable for the error are not made known. Tesla has not identified any accidents caused by this problem. The company said they will examine the buckle and anchor to ensure they are securely fastened.


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