by Morton E. . Oct 06, 2023

Tesla Model 3 Shows Insane Brake Pad Condition After 235k km On The Road

Image Credit: techAU/X

Wanna see something insane? Those brakes you see in the image above belong to a Tesla Model 3 in Australia with more than 235,000 km on the odometer. Despite traveling that much, the Model 3's physical brake pads look like they're barely used. 

What's the deal: Tesla's electric vehicles are capable of regenerative braking, which allows EVs to decelerate once the driver steps off the accelerator. With such a system in place, the use of physical brakes becomes optional. This allows drivers to perform one pedal driving, and it also results in brake pads lasting far longer than expected. 

As noted by Tesla, Autopilot actually uses both of a vehicle's braking systems. This means that while systems such as FSD are engaged, drivers and passengers can expect their vehicles to use both regenerative braking and physical brakes to slow down and stop. 

The key point: An image has been shared online by longtime EV advocate @techAU. The EV enthusiast also shared a rather interesting photo on X. The photo was simple as it showed the physical brakes of a Tesla. 

What was surprising, however, was the fact that the vehicle had reportedly traveled over 235,000 km. Considering this distance, it is nothing short of remarkable that the Model 3's brake pads remained in practically perfect condition for such a long time. This speaks to the quality of both the Model 3's regenerative braking system and the longevity of a Tesla's physical brakes. 

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