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Our Tesla Model 3 Highland Has Arrived! Here Are Its Top 3 Hansshow Accessories

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Our Tesla Model 3 Highland is here, and we’re not wasting any time. We own a Model 3 Highland, so we understand it very well. So in true Hansshow fashion, we got right down to work, and now we have our first batch of upgrade kits for Model 3 Highland vehicles. 

They’re definitely not as robust as our products for the Model Y and pre-Highland Model 3, but they are a pretty good start. So if you’re a Model 3 Highland owner, fear not as we’re just getting started with our development and work for your car’s accessories and upgrades. 

Check out our Top 3 Model 3 Highland products that you can order TODAY!

Hansshow F62 Plus Tesla Model 3 Highland 6.2-inch Linux System Dashboard Screen: We can confirm that Tesla really revamped the Model 3’s interior for the HIghland update. However, the car still doesn’t have a dashboard screen. And while we love Tesla’s infotainment system, it’s hard to argue against a dedicated dash screen for the Model 3 Highland. 

Our Hansshow F62 Plus Dashboard Screen is the perfect accessory for your Model 3 Highland. It’s powered by a Linux system, and it features a stunning 6.2-inch display. Pertinent information about your Model 3 Highland, such as its turn signals, headlamps, seat belt status, speed limit prompts, and battery usage, among other things, are displayed in the F62.

Hansshow Model 3 Highland Silent Front Trunk Electric Suction Lock: Tesla’s frunks may be great, but it’s also a bit easy to damage them if you close them wrong. The same seems to be true for the Model 3 Highland. With this in mind, we have released our Silent Front Trunk Electric Suction Lock, which offers noise-free closure of your frunk. This product is actually available for 2021+ Model 3/Y/S/X vehicles, as well as the Model 3 Highland. 

And because it’s us, we made sure that your Silent Front Trunk Electric Suction Lock offers multiple control methods. You can unlock your frunk through the Model 3 Highland’s infotainment system, or your mobile app. You don’t need to worry about the product breaking easily either as it features an IP56 waterproof design.  

Model 3 Highland Tempered Glass Screen Protector Set for Front and Rear Displays: The Model 3 Highland features double the displays of the previous-generation Model 3. And because it has double the screens, we have also released double the usual screen protectors for the Model 3 Highland. Our Model 3 Highland Tempered Glass Screen Protector Set features a clear 4K 9H tempered glass panel, which should protect your vehicle’s infotainment systems. 

These screen protectors are exclusively designed for the Model 3 Highland, and it was precision-crafted for a perfect fit. We checked this with our own car, and they look great. Trust us, you would want some screen protectors for your Model 3 Highland’s displays, especially in the rear, where kids could access streaming services and play games. 

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Hansshow Model 3/Y F9 9 Inches Touch Screen CarPlay/Android Auto Smart Dashboard: Designed for the Tesla Model Y and pre-Highland Model 3 sedans, our flagship dashboard screen features a special design with a reserved air vent, ensuring that you can still enjoy your Tesla’s excellent HVAC system. Its large 9-inch screen is also a joy to use, with its special UI themes, adaptive day and night mode, and most of all, display synchronization and steering wheel controls. 

Hanshhow Tesla Model 3/Y F68 CarPlay Dashboard Touch Screen: Powered by a high-performance Linux system, our F68 dashboard touch screen features support for Carplay and 5G connectivity. Its stunning 6.86-inch 2.5D HD screen displays vibrant and clear graphics, and its touchscreen interface provides quick access to apps and other functions.

Hanshhow Model 3/Y Rear Entertainment and Climate Control Touch Screen Display H7: The H7 is one of our most popular items, and for good reason. Designed for the pre-Highland Model 3 and Model Y, this Android 12-powered system integrates seamlessly with the Tesla OBD port to provide entertainment and other critical functions to rear passengers. 

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