by Morton E. . Oct 05, 2023

Tesla Model 3 Highland Build Quality Shines, Observes Veteran Owner

Image Credit: @Ray4Tesla/X

If there's anything that can be said about Tesla's Giga Shanghai-made vehicles, it is the fact that the company's China-made cars have stellar build quality. Giga Shanghai-made Teslas are known to be extremely refined, and the same seems to be true for the Model 3 Highland.

What's the deal: The Model 3 Highland is now being displayed in some Tesla stores. Photos of the vehicles on display that have been shared on social media suggest that the car is very popular among visitors. This is no surprise as the Model 3 Highland is the EV maker's newest vehicle. 

As per longtime Tesla owner @ray4tesla on X, he was able to sit inside a Model 3 Highland during a visit to a Tesla store. His observations about the vehicle were very optimistic. Being a longtime Tesla owner, Ray has enough experience to tell if the new Model 3 was a hit or a miss. And according to the Tesla owner, the new Model 3 is definitely a hit. 

What's cool about the new Model 3: Ray noted that the stellar build of the new Model 3 actually makes the car feel much better than a Model S, Tesla's most expensive sedan. He also noted that the new Model 3 is practically a completely new vehicle, and it definitely feels like one. 

"After sitting inside Model 3+, many say the stalkless steering wheel & capacitive buttons look and feel better than those in Model S. Overall the interior quality displays major improvements with better materials. Except for the name and size, it looks like a different vehicle. Looks stunning & well built," the longtime Tesla owner wrote. 

Needless to say, the Tesla community is eagerly awaiting the first deliveries of the new Model 3. 

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