by Morton E. . Sep 25, 2023

Tesla Model 3 Highland Gets Rockstar Welcome In China Store

Image Credit:  @Tslachan/X

Everybody loves the Tesla Model 3 Highland. Recent videos from China show that some Model 3 Highland units are now arriving at some domestic Tesla stores, and they are getting a very warm welcome. 

Why it matters: While the Model 3 has always been an excellent electric sedan, it has remained largely unchanged over the years. And with the Model Y crossover's release, the Model 3's popularity among consumers has faded somewhat. Thus, the electric car community rejoiced when news emerged stating that the Model 3 Highland was under development. 

The Model 3 Highland did not disappoint. With a new and more aggressive design on its front and rear, the updated Model 3 looked sportier than its predecessor. Its interior has also been fully revamped, from a new display that includes the gear selector to a new center console and a fully stalkless driving system. The updated Model 3 feels more premium and closer to the Model S/X

All in all, the Model 3 Highland seemed like the perfect update that could rekindle the market's strong interest in the electric sedan. 

What's happening: So far, consumer deliveries of the Model 3 Highland do not appear to have started just yet. Consumers in China can view the updated Model 3 at the company's stores, however. And as per a video posted by user @Tslachan on X, an ultra-red Model 3 Highland was met with cheers when it arrived at one of Tesla's stores in China. 

Based on the video, the Tesla staff at the store seemed to be having some fun with the Model 3 Highland. The driver could be seen reversing before accelerating a bit, much to the delight of onlookers. Tesla likely hopes that these reactions continue as the updated Model 3 starts its production and delivery ramp soon. 

So far, the updated Tesla Model 3 is only produced in Gigafactory Shanghai. This means that the vehicle is only available in China and Europe, as well as other territories that are supplied by Tesla China. Reports suggest that the Model 3 Highland will start US deliveries probably early next year. 

What we have: If you live in the US, it might still be a while before the updated Model 3 gets released. In the meantime, you may want to mod your existing Model 3 with some Highland-inspired features. Consider our Model 3/Y 7.5-inch Rear Intelligent Entertainment System Screen (V3), as well as our 2021+ Model 3/Y Ultra RGB 64-color Ambient Lightning System. Both these accessories give your existing Model 3 functions that are available in the Model 3 Highland.

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