by Morton E. . Sep 13, 2023

Tesla Model 3 Highland With No Protective Coverings Spotted Near SpaceX Facility

Image Credit: @lovemesomemusk/X

A Tesla Model 3 Highland Edition was recently sighted near SpaceX’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California. Unlike previous sightings of the updated Model 3, the vehicle was not hidden under any protective coverings at all. 

Why it matters: Tesla has been testing the Model 3 Highland in the United States for some time. The vehicle has only been released in Europe and China, and no US release date has been announced so far. 

Over the past months, numerous sightings of Model 3 Highland vehicles have been reported by Tesla community members. The vehicles were always equipped with protective coverings on their front and rear, however, in order to hide the updated Model 3’s new headlights and tail lights. The interior of the new Model 3 was consistently covered in the vehicle’s US sightings as well. 

With the updated Model 3 now released, it makes sense for Tesla to no longer cover its Highland vehicles in the US. This seems to be a positive development for the Model 3 in the United States, as it could suggest that Tesla is pushing to release the updated vehicle soon. 

What to Know: An updated Tesla Model 3 will help Tesla push more sales of the all-electric sedan in the United States. While the Tesla Model Y has become a runaway success in the US and abroad — the electric crossover SUV became the world’s best-selling car earlier this year — the Model 3 has lost some momentum over the years. 

Part of this is because of the Model Y itself since crossover SUVs are more popular than sedans. Part of it is also due to the Model 3’s age, as it has remained pretty much the same car since its first deliveries in July 2017. This is unfortunate since before the Model Y, the Model 3 was Tesla’s best-selling car, and it dominated the EV sector. 

Tesla can do this again with the updated Model 3. With its low price and new features, such as its Model S/X-inspired cabin, the new Model 3 has what it takes to become another best-seller for Tesla. This time around, the Model 3 might dominate alongside its Model Y sibling.  

What we have: The Tesla Model 3 Highland offers several features that are inspired by the Model S/X, such as a rear display. The updated Model 3 also features a stalkless driving system, similar to the Model S and X. 

The new Model 3, however, does not feature a yoke steering wheel. This is quite unfortunate since the Model 3 Highland’s cabin is perfect for a yoke. With a yoke, the Model 3 Highland could have one of Tesla’s most futuristic interiors to date. 

If you own a current-generation Model 3 in the United States and wish to have a yoke, Hansshow offers several yoke options. We have a Tesla Model 3/Y Alcantara Black Yoke Steering Wheel that features a design inspired by Model X/S yoke, as well as our Gen 2 Hansshow Model 3/Y Yoke Steering Wheel, which is offered in colors such as Tiffany Blue, Hermes Orange, and Bordeaux Red. 

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