by Morton E. . Sep 14, 2023

Updated Tesla Model 3 Infotainment Screen Makes An Already Excellent Display Even Better

Image Credit: Tesla 

Videos from automotive reviewers indicate that Tesla has rolled out an improved infotainment display for the updated Model 3. A comparison between the old and new Model 3 display shows that the infotainment system equipped in the new electric sedan is smoother and more responsive. 

Why it matters: The controls of the updated Tesla Model 3 are inspired by the Model S and Model X. This means that key functions of the vehicle, such as its drive mode selector, are all dependent on the infotainment system. 

If the updated Model 3's display is subpar, it would ruin the entire driving experience of the vehicle. This is what happened to the Volkswagen ID.3, an otherwise good car bogged down by its laggy software. It is then unsurprising that Tesla has ensured that the new Model 3's infotainment system is best in class. 

That said, it is interesting that Tesla has rolled out improvements to the Model 3 Highland's center display at all. The previous generation Model 3's infotainment system is already among the best in the industry, as it is far more responsive and feature-rich compared to its competitors.

What's happening: A video shared on social media shows motoring host Mat Watson from YouTube's carwow channel comparing the responsiveness of the infotainment systems in the Model 3 Highland and the previous generation Model 3. As could be seen in the YouTube host's short comparison review, the Model 3 Highland's display is more responsive and smoother than its predecessor. 

This is not to say that the older Model 3 infotainment system is slow, of course. A look at Watson's video shows that the previous generation Model 3's responsiveness is still several times better than that of competitors. 

What we have: The Tesla Model 3's display is already among the best in the industry today, but it could still be improved to some extent. This is why at Hansshow, we offer a Tesla Model 3/Y Dashboard Screen Swiveling Mount Kit, which should allow the electric sedan's infotainment system to tilt from left to right. 

Being a massive touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard, the Model 3's infotainment system must also be protected from scratches and dings. Our Tesla Model 3/Y Tempered Glass Screen Protector with Auto Alignment Mount Kit is perfect for this purpose. Its auto alignment mount kit also ensures that your Model 3 center display's tempered glass installation is presentable. 

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