by Chris Adede . Dec 12, 2022

Tesla Model 3 Redesign Prototypes Spotted in Public

Source: @omg_tesla/Twitter

Tesla Model 3 redesign prototypes were spotted in California. The sighting of these prototypes has caused a lot of attention, with EV enthusiasts speculating a redesign on the way.

It has been rumored that Tesla had been trying to update their best-selling sedan to bring it up to speed with other vehicles currently in the market. However, there have yet to be any official reports from the manufacturer.

The prototypes showed elements that indicated a vehicle redesign. However, it remains to be seen if these are based on changes made by Tesla.

The prototypes were sighted in California, and perhaps they are testing their new products before releasing them into production.

Tesla is reportedly looking to redesign its Model 3 and make it a more attractive option for customers. Reuters reported that the manufacturer aimed to reduce vehicle components and interior complexity to speed up production.

In addition, the company planned to consider infotainment systems in the redesign. Speculations suggest that the new design will roll out production lines in Q3 2023.

Tesla is quick to test new design prototypes in public. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Twitter user @omg_Tesla discovered the Model 3 redesign prototype seemingly packed in a garage in Santa Cruz, California.


The pictures showed the redesigned model featuring several covers on the front bumper, trunk, bear bumper, hood, and rear quarter panels. Every part of the car was covered except for the cabin.

The prototype means it may be too early in development to test actual prototypes. However, @omg_Tesla tweeted images of what appears to be an early render of what this redesigned Model 3 could look like when it goes into production.

The images show a Model 3 with manufacturer's plates, indicating that it's from Tesla. The plates have been spotted in other builds in the U.S. and at their Gigafactory in Shanghai.

It could all be part of Tesla's appearance, but it seems unlikely at this point—there are too many pictures of the same car to be a coincidence.

From what was seen in the photos, one amazing feature was the addition of cameras to the Tesla Model 3 headlights, allowing for better visibility when driving at night or in foggy conditions.

This is just one more way that Tesla has been innovating with its cars lately! We can't wait to see what else they have up their sleeves!

The company, however, still seems to have plans for the Model 3 that are yet to be revealed. According to Reuters, the manufacturer focuses on simplicity and interior improvements on the new Model 3.

The publication also revealed that Tesla would likely improve the car's infotainment for a seamless ownership experience. In addition, they could even make some changes to its design as well.

The new design could feature refined specifications for the vehicle's infotainment system, making it easier for users to navigate through it.

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