by Morton E. . Sep 15, 2023

Tesla Model Y AWD With 4680 Battery Cells Removed From US Order Page

Image Credit: Tesla

Tesla has removed the base Model Y All-Wheel Drive (AWD) from its order page in the United States. With this change, the Model Y now only has two variants in the US: the Model Y Long Range Dual Motor AWD and the Model Y Performance. 

Why it matters: The base Model Y AWD is believed to be the sole vehicle in Tesla's lineup today that was equipped with 4680 battery cells. It was also the cheapest Model Y in Tesla's US lineup, costing $47,740 before incentives. 

The ramp and release of Tesla's 4680 cells, which were unveiled during 2020's Battery Day event, has been slower than expected. Tesla has reached some milestones with its 4680 program, with the company stating back in June that it has been able to produce its ten millionth 4680 cell at Giga Texas. 

Tesla's removal of the base Model Y AWD from its US order page suggests that the company is allocating Giga Texas' 4680 cell production to another project. Either that or Tesla's 4680 output is still lower than the company's expectations.  

What's happening: With the removal of the Model Y AWD in the United States, the vehicle's starting price in the country now starts at $50,490 before incentives. The change also means that for now, there are likely no Model Ys that are being produced with 4680 battery cells. 

The Tesla Cybertruck has long been expected to be equipped with 4680 battery cells. Giga Texas' 4680 output is likely still not enough to support the Model Y, Tesla's biggest seller today, but it may be enough to support the Cybertruck, which will only be produced in limited quantities this year. 

Elon Musk has stated in the past that while the Cybertruck's first deliveries will happen this 2023, the pickup's real ramp will happen next year. 

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