by Morton E. . Sep 14, 2023

Tesla Model Y 'Juniper' Looks Amazing With Model 3 Highland-Style Tail Lights

Image Credit: LaMianDesign/X

A Tesla fan created renders of the upcoming Model Y Project Juniper update. Project Juniper is expected to improve the Model Y in a way that's similar to how Project Highland improved the Model 3. 

Why it matters: The new Tesla Model 3 looks a lot sleeker and more aggressive than its previous iteration. Tesla fans have praised several aspects of the vehicle, such as its rear lights, whose new design is optimized for build quality. Since the tail lights in the new Model 3 are just one piece, they would always be aligned. 

Since the Model 3 and Model Y are sister vehicles, the updates that will be implemented with Project Juniper will probably be very similar to the Model 3's Project Highland update. And since the design of the new Model 3's tail lights has been revealed, we can predict what the updated Model Y's tail lights will look like. 

What's happening: Concept artist @LaMianDesign created several renders of the upcoming Model Y Juniper update. The concept artist is quite talented, as the new Model Y was rendered without any unnecessary design flourishes. The result of the artist's work is a Model 3 Highland-inspired crossover that would probably be a dead ringer for the Model Y Juniper update. 

The current-generation Model Y already became the best-selling car worldwide earlier this year. Once the Model Y update is rolled out, sales of the vehicle will probably accelerate even more. It's hard to beat the Model Y's combination of utility, performance, tech, fun, and safety, after all. 

What we have: It will be some time before the Model Y Juniper update is rolled out. So for now, you may want to make your current-generation Model Y's rear lights look more unique compared to other Model Ys on the road today. After all, owning the world's best-selling car also means that a large number of people will own the exact same car. 

Our Tesla Model 3/Y Knight Rider Full-Width Strip Tail Light is a great aftermarket upgrade for your electric crossover. It's sleek and easy to install, and its dynamic lighting effects will give your Model Y a standout look, especially at night. You may also want to consider our 2021+ Tesla Model 3/Y Ultra RGB 64-Color Ambient Lighting System, which will give your Model Y cabin a distinct "Model 3 Highland" theme. 

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