by Morton E. . Dec 18, 2023

26 States and Counting: Tesla Opens Cybertruck Foundation Series Orders Outside Texas and California

Image Credit: Tesla

Those willing to pay a premium to get first dibs on the Cybertruck will get one heck of a conversation piece this holiday season.

Tesla has flung open the gates of its futuristic Cybertruck order bank, welcoming eager customers across the country to snag their electric pickup truck. The news comes after deliveries began in California and Texas. It also suggests a booming nationwide appetite for the unconventional vehicle.

Initially, pre-orders were restricted to Texas, Tesla's headquarters and Giga Texas facility, and California, home of the Fremont Factory, which produces the Model S, X, 3, and Y. But recently, social media has been abuzz with reports of Cybertruck buyers from Arizona to New Jersey receiving an email advising them to secure their own "Foundation Series" Cybertruck.

The Cybertruck Foundation Series comes with a $20,000 premium and a host of free accessories and some cool badging. It also includes early delivery – something that numerous customers in the United States seem willing to pay for.

California and Texas were supposed to get first dibs on the Cybertruck All Wheel Drive starting this December, but this strategy seems to have shifted, according to a Drive Tesla report. Tesla has stated that it intends to expand to more states in 2024, and this is something that seems to be starting right now. Tesla community member @MilMileBattery, who has tracked the the locations of customers who have been asked to configure their Cybertrucks, recently stated that there seems to be 26 states where deliveries of the vehicle will be held.

These states include Arizona, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Illinois, Minnesota, Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Florida, New York, Indiana, Georgia, Alabama, California, Texas, Vermont, Missouri, Oregon, Michigan, Washington, New Jersey, South Carolina.

The reasons behind the expansion of Cybertruck deliveries have not been explained by Tesla, but perhaps the company simply wants to strike while the electric pickup iron is hot. Whatever the reason, one thing's clear: the Cybertruck craze won't be a regional phenomenon this holidays. It's a nationwide electric revolution, and the rest of the country is eager to climb aboard.

So, if you've been dreaming of cruising down Main Street in your very own stainless steel Mars Rover on wheels, keep an eye on your inbox. The Cybertruck's calling, and it's inviting the whole country to join the ride.

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