by Morton E. . Oct 12, 2023

Tesla Owner Gets Replacement Model Y With New Upgrades After Unlucky Streak

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The owner of the Tesla Model Y whose vehicle was pinned by a falling perimeter wall has acquired another Model Y. The owner, who some dubbed was one of the unluckiest Tesla owners in the world, shared a video of her new ride in social media. 

Why it matters: Tesla Model Y owner in China received a replacement Model Y one month after her previous vehicle was crushed. Lucky for her, the new Model Y was one of the first units from Gigafactory Shanghai that are upgraded with a new LED light on its dash.

The backstory: The Tesla owner's original Model Y was only four months old when it was crushed by a perimeter wall in early September. The owner had previously experienced a number of other problems with the vehicle, including running over a nail, having its door dinged, and having its front and hood chipped.

She was also sideswiped twice, and the vehicle's rear glass was damaged by a falling tile. By the time the Model Y was crushed under the perimeter wall, it almost seemed like a fitting end for the vehicle. 

The big picture: The Tesla owner's story is a reminder of the importance of choosing a safe and reliable vehicle. In her comments, the Model Y owner noted that she opted for another Tesla because the company's vehicle's are safe. She was reportedly paid in full for her previous vehicle's damages by her insurance provider as well.

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