by Areej Fatima . Nov 19, 2022

Tesla Revealed Model Y's First Look in Quicksilver

Tesla Model Y in Quicksilver hue

Credit: Tesla

Tesla car fans have been waiting keenly for Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry red hues in Tesla cars as the company has been releasing the same colors for years. The company has finally revealed the first glimpse of Model Y in silver in a video.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, dealt with the customer demand for exotic color models in Tesla vehicles. Therefore, Model Y is going to be the first car with color options other than black, white, and red.

Elon announced in March that the first two new paint possibilities would be cherry red and quicksilver. The declaration of new shades in Gigafactory Berlin is an objective to introduce additional layers of incredible paints for Tesla electric cars which change colors in exposure to light.

Musk asserted that only the Advanced Paint Shop at Giga Berlin can make these colors as the shop was specially assembled for creating neat layers of dyes for EVs.

Three fresh colors emerged in the Tesla app last year which were implying the new color options Quicksilver. Those hues were: Deep Crimson, Abyss Blue, and Mercury Silver Metallic.

Tesla has now brought a Model Y Quicksilver to the 2022 Zurich auto show in Switzerland. The Cherry Red had only been visible in Tesla's promotional video to announce the new colors and there are no declarations for it.

However, in a marketing video below, you can see that the company Tesla finally introduced the Quicksilver shade for the multi-coat paint that allows the depth of the colors to produce numerous shades depending on the light and its outstanding.


Credit: Tesla


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