by Chris Adede . Oct 25, 2022

Tesla Semi Truck Failed with Only Six Weeks to Go Before Delivery

Image Source: Serge The Car Hauler/YouTube

Tesla is expected to begin shipping its new all-electric Semi Truck vehicle on December 1st. On a freeway in Fremont, California, a prototype Semi broke down in recent video footage.

Truck driver Serge, The Car Hauler, captured this video and uploaded it to YouTube. It depicts his approach to breaking down a semi-truck, a rare occurrence. Behind the truck was a service truck, possibly used to deliver battery services. Due to the regular long-distance travel of semi trucks, Tesla will not want its new Semi to have the same unstable quality reputation as its autos.

Even though Semi appears to have broken down, there are no clear details regarding what transpired. It is yet unconfirmed whether the truck ran out of power or had a mechanical problem. The Tesla service vehicle was positioned alongside the Semi truck, which appears to be a tow truck, for whatever reason.

If there were a problem, Tesla would have taken the time to explain why the Semi truck broke down before deliveries began to ensure the vehicle's safety. Taking this approach might be advantageous for Tesla since buyers may be less forgiving of any problems arising from the testing of the truck.

Tesla Semi Truck

Image source: Tesla 

Last week, after several years of delay, Tesla began manufacturing the Semi. Elon Musk has announced that the delivery of the truck will begin on December 1 and that PepsiCo will get the first shipment. The first Semi was unveiled on Auto News. Joe Biden's Reduction inflation reduction approach may have prompted Tesla to accelerate the manufacture of its Semi truck.

Musk says that Tesla's Semi truck has been delayed because it has been hard to get enough parts. However, after Joe Biden signed the inflation reduction act, which included a provision that commercial electric vehicles could get tax credits of up to $40,000, Musk said that the Semi would soon start shipping.

It is unclear exactly how many Semis Tesla will send to PepsiCo. Alternatively, how many will be shipped this year? What is clear: This isn't the kind of publicity Tesla wants around its new product. As such, it would be wise for them to conduct extensive testing before releasing these vehicles onto public roads.

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