by Chris Adede . Dec 02, 2022

Tesla Set to Release Beta Software Update to Detect Autopilot Defeat Devices

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Tesla’s FSD Beta v10.69.3.1 will be able to detect autopilot defeat devices, according to a report by Teslascope. This new feature will make FSD safer for the larger audience and help prevent irresponsible drivers from tricking Tesla’s advanced driver assist software.

The new version of FSD will disengage autopilot in the presence of a defeat device, even if it is undetectable by Tesla’s current systems.

The EV maker has been working on this feature for a while now, but it was only recently that they could implement it without any issues.

There have been some criticisms over this new feature as it could result in less safety for Tesla owners due to less awareness by other drivers on the road who may need to realize that their vehicles are equipped with such devices.

However, Tesla has stated that this latest update should help promote safety among other drivers and their vehicles’ drivers since they won’t be able to use the same tricks anymore.

According to a recent tweet from Teslascope, the FSD v10.69.3.1 version can detect some forms of autopilot defeat devices.

This is good news for Tesla owners who have patiently waited for the software access since beta testing began in May.

The company has been rolling out the FSD Beta v10.69.3.1 to testers who patiently wait for software access. This will likely continue to do so as Tesla adopts alternative methods.

When it is detected, it will result in a forced autopilot disengagement, thus resulting in strikes/stops as well as preventing further activation until the next drive (similar to behavior right now).

The devices’ usage will continue to result in autopilot disengagements. Thus, preventing any further activation until the next drive.

Tesla has been working on the wide release of its Full Self-Driving software since April. The company continues to work on a solution for its customers. Most are waiting for the full rollout of FSD in the fourth quarter of 2022.

During Tesla’s Q3 2022 earnings call, Elon Musk announced that the company would be rolling out its Full Self-Driving software upgrade in North America before moving on to other regions worldwide.

The rollout was planned to be done in stages. Tesla planned to start with customers who logged less than 100 autopilot miles—and even those with less than an 80 safety score on their cars.

To ensure safety, Elon Musk mentioned that the rollout still needed to have regulatory approval from authorities. Still, he hinted that they might be able to prove their safety through this beta test next year.

Tesla is rolling out the FSD Version 11 to a few Beta testers. After ironing out bugs with the previous version, Tesla plans to release it to more testers after they've had time to test it thoroughly.

Version 11 will feature revised strike systems that allow for more nuanced and granular enforcement of rules than previous versions of FSD have allowed.

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