by Areej Fatima . Sep 26, 2022

Tesla Software 2022.36.1 And 2022.36.2 Have Disclosed New Updated Features

Tesla has recently updated the software 2022.36.1 and 2022.36.2. A third-party Tesla Scope detected these updates.

The most eye-catching attribute is the car's energy consumption graph. The update is an imposing factor in giving more precise energy predictions than before. Newly released software can show the energy consumed by the car both in rest and moving conditions.

Another update is Dynamic Brake Lights. The update is available in most European countries, Australia, China, New Zealand, and others. Dynamic Brake lights are installed in Model 3 and Model Y.

The impressive attribute of COP (Car Overheating Protection) has an AC that decreases the inner temperature, which gets activated at your selected temperature. You can choose 90,95, or 105 degrees Fahrenheit to get this feature turned on.

Karaoke is the next update. Users can see the lyrics of their favorite songs on the back display, making the rear dwellers enjoy the music too.

The next-in-line update is Sentry Mode Light Camera Access. This feature is available in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

The new feature, "Mobile App," is fantastic. You can now see the whole list of songs, volume level, play, forward, reverse, and song details on the screen. If the driver uses GPS, the mobile app will tell details about the destination. The app can also show the car's state of charge at the destination.

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