by Chris Adede . Nov 10, 2022

Tesla Teases Launch of 4680 Standard Range AWD Model Y for 2023


Tesla is teasing the release of a new Model Y trim, and we're pretty excited. The new trim will feature a Standard Range All-Wheel Drive configuration and 4680 batteries. Thus, it means it will have a longer range than previous models. It also received the green light from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

This is big news for Tesla, as it shows that the company is investing in its future. Also, moving forward with its plans to expand into the mainstream market. It also means that Tesla is getting closer to making its vehicles more affordable for all drivers.

Tesla's Model Y has been a long time coming. Tesla fans have been waiting for the SUV-style vehicle since its announcement. Many fans have been speculating about when Tesla will begin selling the vehicle since then.

Now, we'll finally get our answer. According to a report from TeslaLife, Tesla is set to launch its 4680 Standard Range AWD Model Y in 2023. The company previously applied for and earned Certificates of Conformity for various Model 3, Model X, and Model S trim levels. Thus, it seems they're ready to begin production on their next vehicle.

Though it wasn't listed in EPA's database, it seems that Tesla has gotten the green light to launch its newest model year.

The Model Y is built at Tesla's Gigafactory in Texas and is only available for employees now. The Model Y features a 4WD setup with 279 miles range and a variety of unique features that set it apart from other Tesla vehicles.

It may be surprising that the Model Y has yet to be available to the public. However, we should expect that Tesla will release it next year. The company has been working on the 4680 Standard Range AWD Model Y for 2023. This could be what we've been waiting for.

In September, Tesla applied for approval of three Model Y configurations with the EPA and received their approval certifications in October. However, the range ratings for the model have yet to be made available.

The vehicle will feature different range ratings and power output, like Tesla's other models. It will have a higher range than its predecessor, Model 3. The new model will also be equipped with a standard RWD Dr and an AWD variant.

This vehicle is expected to be available for purchase in 2023, and it is expected that mass production of its cells will begin at the end of this year.

The news comes from a partnership between Tesla and Panasonic, considered one of the largest-scale partnerships. It is reported that this partnership will allow Tesla to produce their battery cells by 2023.

This could be a big step forward for the company, as it has been working on making its batteries for years now. However, it's about more than making better batteries. It's about controlling all aspects of production to meet demand and maintain quality control.

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