by Chris Adede . Oct 18, 2022

Two New Tesla Cybertruck Builds Were Spotted at Giga Texas

Credit: Twitter Joey Klender

Tesla's Cybertruck has been a hot topic in the news lately, but it's been more than just talk. Two new Tesla Cybertruck builds were spotted at Giga, Texas.

Spotted by a drone wrapped in a tarp, the new prototypes were positioned near the facility's northern section. The trucks were covered, and it's unclear if they were undergoing final assembly or testing.

However, they do appear to be different from previous versions we've seen, so it seems likely that this could be a major update for Tesla's electric semi-trucks.

The drone pilot who spotted these prototypes at Giga Texas, Joe Tegtmeyer, observed them positioned near the facility's northern section. He reported that they arrived after he completed filming his footage. He says it's unlikely that these are just for testing.

Joey Klender Twitter

Credit: Twitter Joey Klender

It's unclear whether these particular prototypes were built at Fremont or Hawthorne.

Tesla has previously stored multiple Cybertruck prototypes throughout the country for three years. If these are indeed from Fremont, where prior prototypes were constructed, then they could be the redesigned body concepts Tesla showed in Hawthorne, California, in 2019.

Elon Musk introduces the Cybertruck in HawthorneElon Musk introduces the Cybertruck in Hawthorne, Calif. Frederic J.Brown/AFP via Getty Images

These photos are too small to compare Cybertruck prototype proportions or dimensions with previous models but still give an idea of how much progress has been made since those first models were unveiled late last year.

Tesla has decided to have Cybertruck built at Giga, Texas, because of its proximity to IDRA Casting Equipment Company's headquarters. According to import statistics, IDRA shipped casting equipment to Giga, Texas, for Tesla.

Elon Musk said the Cybertruck has to be smaller to fit in Boring Company tunnels but whether it can park in conventional parking places is unclear.

“That’s pretty much what it [the Cybertruck] will look like, with very small differences. You know, we adjusted the size a few percent, like around 3% or smaller. You don’t want it to be a couple of inches too big for the tunnel,”  Musk told Joe Rogan in 2021.

After numerous delays, Tesla is expected to begin manufacturing its initial Cybertruck models in mid-2023. The company unveiled its first Cybertruck prototype in late 2019.

Tesla frequently changes the Cybertruck's proportions and appearance. Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, confirmed earlier this year that the company had finalized its plans for the upcoming year. He noted that Tesla will be building its first batch of Cybertruck models at Giga, Texas, and shipping them from there to other locations around the country.

Giga TexasImage source: Giga Texas

In any case, these photos show us what Tesla has been doing with their prototypes over the past three years. They've stored multiple prototypes throughout the country for three years now, so perhaps they're preparing for mass production soon.

The Cybertruck is sure to impress anyone considering future purchases of the EV. Cybertruck futuristic appearance will have you feeling like you've stepped right into the future!



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