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What is the Cost to Replace a Tesla Battery?


The annual oil changes and radiator coolant refills are not necessary for electric vehicles, but the battery pack deteriorates over time. Although the battery should last 7 years over 100K, they do have a limited life.

If you want to acquire a Tesla, there are a few things you should be aware of, like the durability of Tesla batteries and the cost of replacement in various Tesla models.

In this article we will discuss Tesla battery sizes, replacement costs in the Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X, when the batteries need to be replaced, whether you can replace them yourself, and other information you need to know about Tesla batteries.

Who manufactures Tesla batteries?

Tesla batteries are primarily manufactured by Panasonic, though CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited) is also a significant supplier of Tesla automobile batteries.

This is because the two businesses have decided to collaborate in the production of lithium-ion batteries at Tesla's second "battery mega factory" at Giga Shanghai.

What are Tesla batteries made of?

Although they are all lithium-ion batteries, Tesla's traction batteries are not identical. There are several primary cathode chemistries, and each changes over time. Nickel, cobalt, and aluminum are the three cathode types that Tesla EVs most commonly use (NCA).

How many batteries are in Tesla?

Above: A look at Tesla battery cells (Source: Charged)

In its cars, Tesla has used a variety of lithium-ion battery designs. In the original Roadster and later Model S variants, the 18650-style cell, measuring 18 mm in width and 65 mm in height, was employed.

The most widely used Tesla battery pack contains 16 444 cell modules and roughly 7,104 18650 cells in total. Around 85 kWh of energy may be stored by the 18650 batteries.

The battery pack's battery structure was recently modified by Tesla engineers to accommodate 516 cells per module for a total of 8,256 cells.

Tesla Battery Cost

The automakers occasionally do not disclose the prices of their parts, particularly for expensive components like engines and batteries. However, the cost of Tesla batteries differs from model to model.

New batteries can cost up to $22,500, and remanufactured packs range in price from $9,000 to $10,000. But, this price may vary depending on the model of your Tesla.

▪️Battery replacement cost in Tesla Model 3

A Model 3 battery 50-82 kWh, might cost more than $13,500. The labor cost is anticipated to be in the range of $2,300. Therefore, the total cost of replacing the battery maybe $15,800.

As of right now, we estimate that the lowest cost for a straightforward battery replacement on a Model 3 would be around $13,000 which is based on an assumption that the battery would cost $12,000 on its own, $100 for extra parts, and $500 for labor.

▪️Battery replacement cost for Tesla Model Y

The Model Y battery pack's design is comparable to that of the Model 3's, therefore battery replacement prices should be comparable as well.

The estimated price for a new 75-82 kWh battery pack for the Model Y would be between $10,000 and $12,000. This is based on current estimated prices per kWh ($137).

A more accurate low estimate for replacing the battery pack in the Model Y is between $11,000 and $13,000 after adding extra parts and a labor fee of about $500 for a 3-hour replacement.

▪️Battery replacement cost for Tesla Model S

It is difficult to estimate a price because there are numerous trim options and battery sizes in Tesla Model S. However, a battery might cost anywhere from $12,000 to $15,000.

For the Model S, the least expensive estimate for a straightforward battery replacement should cost between $12,000 and $13,000 for the battery, $100 and $200 for extra parts, and $500 and 600 for labor. This brings the overall cost for a full Model S battery replacement to between $13,000 and $14,000.

▪️Battery replacement cost for Tesla Model X

Battery repair labor expenses for the Model X might be between $500 and $2,500 at a rate of $175 to $200 per hour. It is based on claims that fixes for the identical problem on Model S models took between 3 and 13 hours to complete. These figures largely depend on the cause of the battery change.

The lowest estimate for replacing the Model X battery is $13,000 for the battery, $100 to $200 for other parts, and possibly $500 to $600 for labor. In other words, the Model X's least expensive and straightforward battery replacement is anticipated to cost around $14,000.

The lifespan of Tesla Batteries

tesla 4860 battery

Above:Tesla has provided an opportunity to view 4860 cells first-hand at the Petersen Museum.Credit: Hansshow Tesla Accessories.

Never be alarmed if you're planning for a future replacement and researching Tesla battery replacement costs. Even after traveling 200,000 miles, the Model X and Model S still have 90 percent of their original capacity, which is claimed by Tesla.

Since we only travel about 14,000 miles annually, it would take your Tesla automobile at least 15 years to travel 200,000 miles. There is a tiny possibility that you will need to replace your Tesla battery at some point throughout its lifespan. Typical American keeps their car for 4-5 years.

The present battery modules, however, should survive 1,500 cycles, or 300,000 to 500,000 kilometers. Therefore, you might need to replace the Tesla battery once or twice throughout your ownership.

Tesla's CCS adapter costs $250 and enables Tesla drivers to use public charging stations. You can recharge your battery in 10-15 minutes.

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How To Know If Your Tesla Battery Needs To Be Replaced?

Tesla's batteries are made to live longer than the car's actual body. This indicates that they ought to continue to be able to drive well after 500,000 kilometers. However, with some indications, you can judge that your battery needs a replacement.

  • An abrupt reduction of more than 20% in the driving range
  • Range degradation that exceeds the 30% warranty threshold
  • Not a charge at all
  • Tesla has informed you that the battery is having a problem.

Although this is by no means a comprehensive list, we would like to point out that battery issues other than degradation are typically problems that would send you right to the service center.

  • charging issues,
  • a sudden decrease in range
  • a completely dead battery

In other words, a Tesla is unlikely to experience a gradual accumulation of problems that lead up to a battery replacement.

The good news is that Tesla's batteries will endure very well over time. Additionally, the majority of Teslas are currently still covered by the battery warranty.

How frequently should a Tesla battery be changed?

The frequency of battery replacement for a Tesla vehicle depends on several factors, including driving habits, climate conditions, and the age of the vehicle.

Tesla batteries, in Elon Musk's estimation, have a lifetime of 300,000 to 500,000 miles. The estimated ranges for each Tesla model vary, ranging from the Model 3's 267 miles to the Model S's 405 miles.

Considering that the average person drives 273 miles per week, you can anticipate your Tesla battery to last anywhere between 21 and 35 years. Tesla batteries won't frequently need to be changed.

Can You Replace Tesla Battery Yourself?

No. You'll probably end up doing more harm than good if you attempt to repair an EV's battery pack without the required education, expertise, and equipment. It is best to take the car to the dealer or to a mechanic who is qualified to identify the problem with the car and fix it. Performing at-home battery replacement incorrectly can result in much more expensive future repairs. Taking your car to an expert is always wise and recommended.


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