Hansshow2021+ Model 3/Y Laser Carving Ambient Lighting Upgrade Kit
Hansshow2021+ Model 3/Y Laser Carving Ambient Lighting Upgrade Kit
Hansshow2021+ Model 3/Y Laser Carving Ambient Lighting Upgrade Kit
Hansshow2021+ Model 3/Y Laser Carving Ambient Lighting Upgrade Kit
Hansshow2021+ Model 3/Y Laser Carving Ambient Lighting Upgrade Kit
Hansshow2021+ Model 3/Y Laser Carving Ambient Lighting Upgrade Kit
Hansshow2021+ Model 3/Y Laser Carving Ambient Lighting Upgrade Kit
Hansshow2021+ Model 3/Y Laser Carving Ambient Lighting Upgrade Kit
Hansshow2021+ Model 3/Y Laser Carving Ambient Lighting Upgrade Kit

Hansshow2021+ Model 3/Y Laser Carving Ambient Lighting Upgrade Kit

Car Model: Model Y 2020-2023
Model Y 2020-2023
Model 3 2020-2023.08
LHR/RHD: Left Hand Drive
Left Hand Drive
Right Hand Drive
SKU: 10F00081

Note: The installation of this product is complex and requires expertise. It is strongly recommended to seek the assistance of professionals for the installation process. Returns will only be accepted due to quality issues and not based on installation difficulties.

Please add a note to your order if your car's doors DO NOT have wood trim strips. 

This product is NOT suitable for the 2023+ Model 3/Y

"LED Ambient Lighting Exclusively Designed for Tesla Model 3/Y 21+- Infuse your car with a touch of distinctive elegance!

🌟 Tailored Craftsmanship: Precisely designed for the 2021+ Tesla Model 3/Y, ensuring a flawless fit without any concerns about incompatibility. The installation is straightforward, non-invasive, and will not compromise the inherent structure of your vehicle.

🌈 Versatile Positions and Modes: Featuring multiple light placements, effortlessly craft a dreamy and comfortable ambiance within your vehicle.

🎨 128 RGB Color Adjustments: Freely choose your desired color and mode, including gradients, rhythmic patterns, solid colors, and stroboscopic flashes, catering to various occasions and moods.

📱 Smart Screen Control: Seamlessly adjust the lighting mode and brightness through the onboard screen, granting you mastery over every corner of your vehicle's ambiance.

💡 Superior Quality with Low Energy Consumption: With 45,000 luminous points ensuring an unparalleled color experience, its ultra-low 6W power consumption ensures prolonged use without burdening the battery."

Installation Manual: Click Here

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    Jun 19 - Jun 23

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Possible reason: Incorrect power sourcing.

Solution: Plug into the power source at the cigarette lighter position. If you detach the light strip and test it individually, there might be a short circuit in certain areas of the light strip. If the voltage is unstable and below the working voltage, ensure the power voltage is above 12V.

  • Possible reason: Light strip short circuit.
  • Solution: Check the light strip wiring and adjust individual colors to see if they appear normal.
  • Possible reason: The fuse in the power adapter line has blown.
  • Solution: Replace the fuse in the power adapter line. If the touch panel is damaged, replace the entire panel.
  • Possible reason: Control module is damaged.
  • Solution: Replace the control module.

It has ultra-low power consumption, requiring only 6W.

No, the luminous horn cover molds are different, but everything else is the same.

The product measures 38.58 x 5.51 x 20.67 inches, with an approximate weight ranging from 7.28 to 8.38 pounds.

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Hansshow Hansshow2021+ Model 3/Y Laser Carving Ambient Lighting Upgrade Kit Review
I recommend this product


Amazing product, completely changed the feeling inside the car. It is definitely worth its purchase and I recommend it to everyone.

Svetoslav K.
Bulgaria Bulgaria
I recommend this product

Super quality

The product is well built and has a great quality. I had some trouble mounting it but it was my fault because I didn’t read carefully that the product is not suitable for model Y 2023. Anyway I was able to install everything except the the lights on the rear doors. The product looks great and the panel work smoothly and as it was built by the factory…I’m very happy with it.

Roberto p.
Italy Italy
I recommend this product


So first off the product is really high quality and looks great. I previously had a Jeep and used to install accessories and lights onto it so I felt comfortable installing these on my wife’s model Y. This took my friend and I approximately 12 hours to complete. We did not do the footwell lighting though, as it was quite a job for everything else. It’s a little gut wrenching to tear the vehicle apart piece by piece and remove factory parts, but it is definitely worth it. The bonder glue is a must, gorilla hot glue also works to keep a clean tight finish look on the dash when installing the new one. Only complaint I would have is that when I was feeding the wiring harness from the power bank to the front passenger door, the wires stripped from inside of their housing and came undone, so the front passenger door has no lighting connection or lights at the moment. It would be awesome if the company could send another wiring harness for the front passenger door, wiring harness “22” so I can complete the look. Overall, I highly recommend the product and give it 5 stars. Would add pictures if the wires for the front right passenger door worked.

Patrick M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Beautiful Aftermarket Lighting

This is not for the faint of heart to install, but once you spend a little time orienting yourself, and you're not in a hurry, and you're comfortable removing and replacing Tesla trim, it is not all that difficult (a few tricky bits) and it is a thing of beauty. The Hansshow products are awesome and look and feel like they've been there all along. Highly recommended for the avid DIYer, or to have a pro install. You won't regret it. Worth the money in my opinion.

Oscar H.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Seriously Illuminating!

"My Model 3's tail light is so seriously illuminating that even the sun's impressed!

United States United States
I recommend this product

Enhanced Ambiance, Unmatched Elegance

The 2021 Model 3/Y Laser Carving Ambient Lighting Upgrade Kit enhances the ambiance of my Tesla with unmatched elegance. The intricate laser-carved designs create a sophisticated interior atmosphere. Worth every penny.

Sophia M.
United States United States