Hansshow Ultra Mini Screen Display For Model 3/Y
Hansshow Ultra Mini Screen Display For Model 3/Y
Hansshow Ultra Mini Screen Display For Model 3/Y
Hansshow Ultra Mini Screen Display For Model 3/Y
Hansshow Ultra Mini Screen Display For Model 3/Y
Hansshow Ultra Mini Screen Display For Model 3/Y
Hansshow Ultra Mini Screen Display For Model 3/Y
Hansshow Ultra Mini Screen Display For Model 3/Y

Hansshow Ultra Mini Screen Display For Model 3/Y

Choose Your Model: Model 3 2017-2023.08
Model 3 2017-2023.08
Model Y
Car CPU Version: AMD Ryzen
AMD Ryzen
Intel Atom
Version: V3 (With Touch Shortcut Function)
V3 (With Touch Shortcut Function)
SKU: 10H00068

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  • Competible Models: Specially designed for Tesla Model Y 2019+ and Model 3 2017+, compatible with both Intel and AMD Ryzen CPU
  • Linux System: Linux high-performance operating system, integrated with automobiles, achieving seamless integration of the in-car entertainment system. Features a 4.6-inch high-definition 2.5D curved IPS touchscreen, providing true-to-life colors and a wide viewing angle. The screen resolution is 960*320P, ensuring a high-definition visual experience.
  • Five touchscreen shortcut functions: glove box, sports mode, kinetic energy recovery, child lock, rearview mirror folding.
  • Sync Original Data :Compatible with synchronized display of original vehicle driving information: (time, turn signals (left and right), rear fog light, clearance light, low beam, high beam, automatic brake, seatbelt, outside temperature, speed limit reminder, battery usage, distance to other vehicles, current speed/door open information, gear position, remaining range, total mileage, tire pressure). Two UI theme styles available for display, adaptive day/night mode (brightness adjustment), automatically adjusting based on the vehicle's synchronization. Compatible with original vehicle button controls for the screen.
  • Installation: Plug & Play Installation within 20min; No drilling is required and the interior of your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y will not be damaged during installation.

Installation Manual :Click Here


1. When wearing sunglasses, the screen may not be seen clearly

2. The battery display may vary due to algorithm differences, but a difference of 1% is normal and won't affect its functionality.

3. If your mini screen did not have the Plaid Animation Mode, you can upgrade this through the following instructions

* Update UI Animation Mode:
1.Change the speed unit in MPH
2. Change the setting default to US standard(Including Tire pressure: PSI, Speed: MPH, Temperature: F, US time zone: GMT-7)
3. Change the UI for the speed limit sign
* Please download and unzip the following upgrade file to upgrade the new function:
Upgrade file and instruction : Click Here

Note 1: Please upgrade the software to solve the problem of the incorrect battery and mileage display after the 4.6 5.16 f68 f62p Tesla upgrade. 

Note 2: Entering the settings, if there are no 32 digits in the V2 version of the APP version number, it cannot be upgraded. Please do not upgrade this software

Note 3: If you are in these conditions, please select can2: Receive the screen after 2024, June 19; the original Tesla screen has not been upgraded; and is not version 20.1 or 14.9.  If your Tesla version has been upgraded to 20.1 or 14.9, enter the settings and select can3

For installation service in Southern California, United States, please call Hansshow:
Phone Number: +1 949-358-4793 Email: inquiry@hansshow.com

Operation Manual : Click Here
Installation Manual : Click Here

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    Jun 25 - Jun 29

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Perfectly embedded in the original car interior.

Integrated Design

IPS 960*320 high-definition screen; Original vehicle data mold opening without obstructing the air-conditioning airflow, making you safer and more comfortable while driving.

Real-time Sync Information

  • Current speed display (KM/H or MPH)
  • battery usage
  • Front trunk status: On/Off
  • Door Status: Open/Close
  • Left turn signal/right turn signal
  • High beam/position light/dipped beam indicator
  • gear display
  • handbrake reminder
  • seat belt indicator

Installation Tutorial

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Glen Gowan
Mini instrument cluster

Very easy to install and looks like factory quality. The instructions were missing info on how to adjust the time and values, but found it on a YouTube video. Great addition to the car!

Jimmy Kan
Ultra Mini Screen for M3/Y

I love the screen, perfect for steering wheel. but I find the fonts are a bit too small for people who near sighted or need reading glasses. if you can make the fonts a bit bigger and bold, it will be great for everyone.

joserae contreras
Great addition to 2023 Model Y

Needed to fill the negative space and helps me from glancing back and forth to the main screen speedometer while driving. It was helpful to watch a few videos of the install to get comfortable which made it faster for me to do the actual work. Make sure to switch to CAN = 2 when setting up the screen UI so that you won’t have the headlight indicator issue. Other that than that, I highly recommend this unit for someone like me who needs to have a display right in front of them.

Cliffe Bownai
Ultra Mini Screen Display for Model Y

I purchased the Ultra Mini Screen Display, it came in a couple of days. Looked over the product, it appeared to be of very high quality. Watched You Tube for instruction on installation. Installation is very simple. The only problem that I had with installation was locating the large blue plug. Took quite a while to find it behind the footrest are side wall. No 2 Tesla's appear to be assembled the same. After that everything worked fine. I have to work with the settings but that appears easy also. Another great Hansshow product.

Johna Prescotte
Hansshow product is satisfied once

This product is really great, the price is very good, the climate control is also on the screen, the screen is large, and the android system is very convenient.