by Chris Adede . Nov 07, 2022

No Ultrasonic Sensors? Tesla is Bringing Distance Measurements to Cars in 2022

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For many years, Tesla has been leading the charge on in-car cameras and other sensors to supplement ultrasonic sensors (USS). Tesla pioneered the use of cameras in place of the USS.

They have announced that they will remove the USS from their cars altogether. This is a huge step forward for the industry, as other manufacturers can follow suit and remove them from their vehicles.

Removing the USS is a major change to how Tesla cars operate, but it's also a huge step forward in safety.

Removing the USS means that Tesla cars will no longer have blind spots. It also means that every Tesla car can have automatic distance measurements without having ultrasonic sensors installed.

This move by Tesla is about more than just improving driver safety. It's also about improving the experience for drivers interested in getting one of these cars but who want to avoid paying extra money for the USS.

Tesla is making a big change to its cars that will impact its ability to detect nearby objects.

The change came in early October when Tesla announced it was removing ultrasonic sensors from every vehicle. The company said the move would make its cars safer. Yet, some people wonder whether this new strategy will be effective.

More questions have been raised about how the car will measure distances to nearby objects down to the centimetre (or inch) by using its cameras, which have some blind spots at the front of the car.

This change could mean that owners of older vehicles may need to upgrade their systems if they want them to work as well as they did before.

In a recent tweet, @greentheonly says that Tesla has reinstated distance measurements with the latest 2022.40.4 software update.

According to @greentheonly, who deep-dives into Tesla source code, the update activates distance measurements using Autopilot for cars not equipped with the USS.

Greentheonly Twitter

Source: Greentheonly

Tesla's new update is yet to be available on many models.

The feature is currently in beta testing, so it's still very new. As a result, it has yet to be deployed to a large part of the fleet. As such, only reports from owners with USS on how the new measurements perform and how accurate they are.

The new system mimics ultrasonic sensors and should provide reliable distance measurements. The new system will be available in several models and will be included in all models soon.

Tesla's new feature, Blind Spot Warning, will use cameras to detect objects in the blind spot of a car even if the object is not visible to the human eye. The feature is expected to be released in 2022.40.4 and will be available for all Tesla vehicles with no ultrasonic sensors.

The software uses the car's camera to detect objects outside of view and then uses those objects as reference points when measuring distance as it approaches them.

The result is that when you're backing out of a parking spot or driving down a narrow street, your Tesla will be able to tell you how far away an object is without having to turn around and look at it.

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