by Morton E. . Oct 11, 2023

Tesla China Highlights Special Details About New Model 3 Highland's Lights

Image Credit: Tesla China

Tesla is in full promotion mode with the new Model 3. Since the vehicle was opened for orders, the company has promoted its key features, one of the most recent of which was the new Model 3’s revamped lights. 

Why it matters: The Model 3 Highland’s headlights are probably the most noticeable change from the older Model 3. Sharper and more angular than their predecessor, the new Model 3’s headlights are more aggressive and sleek. 

Tesla China highlighted this in its ad. “At a glance, you can intuitively feel the sharp and domineering appearance of the new Model 3,” the EV maker noted. 

The same is true for the Model 3 Highland’s rear, which was also given a newly designed tail light. “The newly designed C-shaped integrated tail light seamlessly integrates with the exquisite shape of the body. It visually widens the width of the rear of the car, giving it a powerful look,” Tesla noted. 

Go deeper: Tesla’s improvements to the new Model 3’s lights are not just skin deep. As noted by the EV maker, the revamped headlights are superior to their predecessors. This was because the headlights of the new Model 3 increase the width and breadth of lighting, allowing drivers to see farther ahead. Such a small change would likely save lives down the line. 

Overall, Tesla China noted that with the new Model 3, the company made it a point to improve the illumination uniformity of the vehicle’s headlights, tail lights, and even its turn signals. This, Tesla noted, could effectively help the new Model 3 become an even safer vehicle than its predecessor. 

The new Model 3 has its work cut out for it when it comes to safety ratings, considering that the original Model 3 is considered as one of the safest vehicles in the market. The original Model 3 earned stellar safety ratings from organizations such as the NHTSA in the United States, the Euro NCAP in Europe, and the ANCAP in Australia and New Zealand. 

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