by Morton E. . Sep 28, 2023

Tesla Model Y Production At Giga Texas Is Warming Up Again After Its Break

Image Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer/X

Tesla Giga Texas is back from its break. With upgraded facilities, the electric vehicle plant's Model Y production line is operating once more. 

Why it matters: Model Y production was paused this Q3 to make way for upgrades to the Model Y and Cybertruck line at Gigafactory Texas, according to an autoevolution report. The facility currently produces the Model Y crossover, but expectations are high that Cybertruck production is also about to begin. 

The factory shutdown in Giga Texas was mentioned by Elon Musk during the previous earnings call. According to Musk, the shutdowns in facilities like Giga Texas will be done for "upgrades" to the facility. 

Recent videos and photos from Giga Texas suggest that after its break, Giga Texas is back. 

What's happening: During a flyover on September 27, longtime Tesla observer Joe Tegtmeyer was able to capture images of about 50 freshly produced Tesla Model Ys in the Giga Texas complex. The pictures suggest that Model Y production is indeed underway, though it may take a bit of time before large volumes of the vehicle are produced again. 

Interestingly enough, the drone operator also managed to capture an image of a Model Y that just recently completed a test in Giga Texas' in-house crash test facility. This may suggest that Tesla is retesting the safety of the Model YConsidering that the vehicle's production line has just been updated, there seems to be a chance that Tesla implemented some changes to the Model Y during its production shutdown. 

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