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Tesla Model 3 'Highland' Edition - The Newest Update

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Tesla is making waves with its revamped Model 3, internally dubbed "Project Highland." This new edition has been undergoing tests in the US and China, and recently, a test vehicle was spotted in Germany, signaling the company's global ambitions. This German sighting precedes the expected announcement of the updated Model 3 in China.

The journey of Project Highland has been years in the making. Earlier this year, several camouflaged prototypes were seen in California, revealing that Tesla's team in China was spearheading the project. To facilitate the new design, Giga Shanghai underwent significant production line enhancements over the summer. These test vehicles, seen in both California and Shanghai, are now being tested in Germany, hinting at an imminent global launch.

Recent sightings include a camouflaged Model 3 on the Autobahn near Lichtenau, not far from Giga Berlin. Additionally, Tesla has been conducting winter tests in New Zealand. With the updated Model 3 expected to hit the roads soon, Tesla's online configurator in Germany suggests deliveries might commence between October and November. This new model promises a more affordable price point with several enhancements, including a refreshed exterior, touch-sensitive steering wheel buttons, and the introduction of Hardware 3.5 (HW3.5). Positioning it directly between the current HW 3.0 computer and the more sophisticated Hardware 4.0 computer.

New Model 3 high-temp testing in XINJIANG,China

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In China, the Model 3 "Highland" has been seen undergoing high-temperature tests in Xinjiang, indicating its readiness for production and potential deliveries by September's end. While initial speculations pointed to a US release, China seems to be the primary launchpad for this edition. Reports suggest that Tesla is gearing up for mass production, with a significant ramp-up expected by September 30. This new edition is anticipated to boost Tesla's sales in the competitive Chinese EV market.

 Meanwhile, at Giga Shanghai, there's a noticeable increase in covered vehicles, hinting at the upcoming release of the Model 3's "Project Highland" update. Recent aerial footage showcases a growing number of these wrapped vehicles. Reports indicate that Tesla might be accepting deposits for this new edition, with consumers showing a preference for the updated Model 3, even if it comes with fewer incentives. While Tesla remains tight-lipped about the exact changes, leaks suggest a revamped interior, a new headlight design, and a unique camera setup, setting it apart from the current Model 3.

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