How to add power liftgate for Mazda CX-5/CX5

1: original car appearance.

2: Remove the original tailgate horizontal strip decorative panel

3: Remove the two corner decorative panels in turn, and then remove the tailgate large decorative panels.

4: After the removal effect

5: Remove the gas spring of the original car (the same left and right)

6: Remove the bracket of the original car and replace the special bracket equipped with our company (the same left and right)

7: Replace the ball studs of the original tailgate and assemble the special ball studs of our company.

8: Installation Our company is equipped with electric struts, with the struts on one end of the motor connected to the body bracket, and the other end connected to the tailgate ball studs (the same on the left and right)

9: Remove the rubber plug of the original car and pass through the through hole of the strut. The effect is shown below.

10: Pull out the original tailgate lock harness and connect it with our wiring harness.

11: Pull out the harness of the outer door of the tailgate and connect it with the harness of our company.

12: Remove the small cover on the left side of the tail box to see the GND ground position.

13: The ground wire in our power cord is connected to this screw and grounded with iron. (Please strictly follow the grounding recommended by our company, otherwise the key switch door is not normal before the key)

14: Red: cable, orange: ground, yellow: power cord

15: The main wiring diagram is as follows

16: Dock all the jacks and fix the control box to the following position

17: Remove the original car lock trim and lock wrap (note the dark button on the inside of the car)

18: The effect shown after removal is as follows

19: Assemble the special lower suction lock assembly equipped with our company

20: Place the cable drive position as shown in the figure below.

21: Install the original tailgate lock trim

22: Use the utility knife to remove the interference part of the lock trim panel (digital position in the figure)

23: The effect after repair is shown below

24: Install the lock trim panel

25: Cross the line to the front B-pillar of the vehicle body, and connect to the central control line. The central control signal line needs to be broken.

26: Our company's line color is yellow, and the original car wiring harness is a two-color line yellow-purple, as shown below.

27; Disassemble the decorative panel at the bottom left of the driver's seat, as shown below

28: Find the body power supply for the common 30A power supply, as shown below

29: Connect with the original car OBD

30: The front button installation position needs to be punched, and the hole is punched in the upper left corner of the decorative panel (the drill bit is 22mm)

31: The effect is as shown in the figure below.

32: Rear tail button installation position, punched in the left position of the tailgate as shown below (using 22mm drill bit)

33: The installation effect is as shown below

34: Restore all the decorative panels, the installation is complete, manually close the tailgate reset once, in order to initialize the system.


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