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How to choose car headlights? What are the characteristics of several common car headlights?

With the continuous development of automotive technology, the headlights of vehicles have also developed, from halogen headlights, xenon headlights to LED headlights, and even futuristic laser headlights, which have appeared on different models, but These kinds of headlights have their own characteristics. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. It is not that a certain kind of headlights is completely good or totally bad. This is to introduce the characteristics of different types of vehicle headlights. How should the riders choose?

Halogen lamp

How to choose car headlights? What are the characteristics of several common car headlights?

Halogen car headlights are actually filled with halogen gas in the incandescent lamp, which effectively increases the melting point and life of the tungsten wire, can increase the brightness of the incandescent lamp by 1.5 times, and the service life is 2-3 times that of ordinary incandescent lamps.

It is widely used in the field of automotive lighting. The principle is to use a resistor to pass current to generate heat. When the temperature is high enough, it emits black body radiation with a wavelength in the visible light range.

It is generally divided into an iodine tungsten lamp and a bromine tungsten lamp. After different incandescent lamps are lit, although the filament temperature is not the same as the boiling point of tungsten, there will still be a small amount of tungsten volatilized at high temperature. When the volatilized tungsten cools, it will condense, and soon it will form a black tungsten film on the inner wall of the bulb.

 If iodine is added to the bulb of the car headlight when the tungsten volatilizes at high temperature, it will chemically react with iodine to form a low-boiling compound, tungsten iodide, and the tungsten iodide will meet the high temperature. Decomposition, so that tungsten will adhere to the filament again and iodine will continue to escape between the filament and the outer shell in the form of a gas. Repeatedly, the consumption frequency of the tungsten wire will be greatly reduced, and the service life of the halogen automobile headlight will be correspondingly extended.

If you look at the moving vehicles at night, the general headlights are yellow with the halogen headlights. Because the color temperature is low, the light color is warm yellow.

Advantages: low cost, relatively simple production; longer life than ordinary incandescent lamps, high luminous efficiency; strong penetrating power.

Disadvantages: The brightness is not high enough; the heat is generated more, the temperature is high; the light source is not concentrated enough.

Xenon headlights

How to choose car headlights? What are the characteristics of several common car headlights?

The High Intensity Discharge Lamp is a gas discharge lamp, which is also called a high-intensity discharge gas lamp.

It uses a matching electronic ballast to instantaneously raise the 12V voltage of the battery to a trigger voltage of 23kV or more. The high-voltage pulse electricity excites the material in the bulb between the metal electrodes in the completely enclosed micro-quartz bulb (helium, small amount). The mercury vapor and metal halides are ionized in the arc to produce light.

Although Xenon bulbs use light colors similar to daylight, they contain more green and blue components, so they appear blue and white. This blue-and-white light greatly enhances the brightness of road signs and signs. The luminous flux of Xenon car headlights is more than twice that of halogen lamps, and the efficiency of converting electric energy into light energy is more than 70% higher than that of halogen lamps, so it can effectively expand the visual visual range in front of the vehicle, thus creating safer Driving conditions.

Advantages: Xenon bulbs have three times the light intensity than ordinary halogen bulbs, but it only consume two-thirds of their energy; long life; strong power-saving; xenon bulbs use light color similar to daylight to create for the driver Better visual conditions.

Disadvantages: The price is relatively expensive; the start-up takes time, there is delay, the internal gas needs to reach a certain temperature; the high color temperature causes the penetration to be weak.

LED headlights

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 LED is the abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode, commonly known as LED, is a solid-state semiconductor device that can convert electrical energy into visible light, which can directly convert electricity into light. LEDs have higher luminous efficiency, consume only 1/20th of the cost of halogen lamps, and have a service life of up to 100,000 hours. There is basically no need to replace them during the design life of the vehicle. In addition, it is compact and compact for easy layout and design.

It only takes microseconds to illuminate the LED headlights.

It can be used to quickly achieve warning results on taillights and turn signals. The LED headlights have high brightness, and they can be driven by low-voltage direct current. The requirements for the use environment are low, and the booster device is not required like the xenon lamp.

Nowadays, more and more luxury brands are beginning to use LEDs as headlight sources. In the environment of promoting energy conservation and environmental protection, there is always a general trend in the use of LED headlights.

Advantages: energy saving and environmental protection; long life; can be lit instantly, no delay; good durability; low voltage safety; single small size, so designers can design more styles.

Disadvantages: LED clusters have high heat dissipation.

Laser headlight

How to choose car headlights? What are the characteristics of several common car headlights?

The laser has a full sense of science and technology. The light-emitting elements of laser headlights are laser diodes, which are inextricably linked to LED diodes. In terms of the illumination distance, the laser headlights can reach a range of 600 meters ahead. The model with LED high beam can only reach 300 meters.

Laser headlights have not yet been assembled in any production car, but BMW and Audi, two brands that are good at playing lights, have announced that laser headlights will be assembled into production cars in the future.

Advantages: Similar to the advantages of LED headlights, energy saving, long life, low brightness attenuation, small size and fast response.

Disadvantages: insufficient short-range divergence, need matched with LED light source.

It is undeniable that all four headlights have their own advantages and disadvantages, but they all have the necessary existence, technology is endless, LED or laser, will not be the end of automotive lighting. For the car, for the economical family car, the halogen headlights are enough. If you want a slightly more advanced and a higher light force, the LED lights are absolutely the best choice.

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