How To Upgrade Concealed Door Handle Of Tesla Model 3

Hansshow is a huge fan of the real techie. We can see the concealed door handle on the Model S is amazing. Model 3 handles, in our opinion, yet are rather one of the worst features of the car. With a lower cost, they’re simplified to some hinged design, less flair and only moderately more effort on the user’s part. Therefore, we have developed Tesla Model 3 Auto Door Handle (Click and buy)

Tesla Model 3 Auto Door Handle
Tesla Model 3 Auto Door Handle

In this article, we will share with you: 1) the difference between tesla door handles of different models; 2) how to install tesla model 3 auto door handle; and 3) where to get help if you need a professional installer for your Model 3 concealed door handle upgrade.

Tesla Door Handles Of Different Models: What Are The Differences?

It is not unusual for different models of automobiles produced by one manufacturer to have distinct styles of door handles. The Roadster, Model X, Model S, and Model 3 each has different door handles.

Model X (the highest-priced model) has auto present doors, not only handles. As the driver exits or approaches, the doorway will auto open and shut. You can also push the handle and the door will automatically open. Falcon wing doors are double-hinged opening first, then out and may open with just 30cm of unwanted clearance. Every door has capacitive, inductive, and sonar detectors to track the environment and prevent contact with barriers around the vehicle.

Model S (less expensive than Model X) has concealed door handles that auto present and are illuminated. Yep, it is cool how they pop, how they are illuminated, and the way in which they retract to be sleek looking and aerodynamic, but that comes at the expense of complexity.

Model 3 (the least expensive) is the simplest, essentially a teeter-totter. Push in, then grab the handle, can’t get any easier and it also sits flush into the car when not being used. It does not have any motors, it isn’t illuminated, it only gets the job done.

Working Principle of Model 3 Door Handle
Working Principle of Model 3 Door Handle

Frankly, they are all good with their own pros and cons. Model 3 door handles are a sensible compromise to receive concealed door handle with less complexity and price. Yet, who wouldn’t like the real techie and automated door opening brought by technology marvels of Model X and Model S doors and handles?

Steps To Replace The Concealed Door Handle On a Tesla Model 3

Front doors handle sensor installation manual

Rear doors handle sensor installation manual

Bluetooth decoder protocol box installation manual

How Do I Find Installer To Install Model 3 Power Handle?

You can depend on Hansshow Auto Parts to provide on-time and on-budget installation services for your Model 3 concealed door handle installation or other intelligent auto parts such as power tailgate installation. We have professional installers over 30 countries. They are passionate about and committed to being your service provider and will provide a seamless experience for you. Find an installer now.

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