Mazda Atez Electric Tailgate Installation Instructions

1. Remove the tailgate trunk

Remove the panel of tailgate trunk as the no.showed (See below).
2. Precautions
Note before installing: When it is opening and closing the door for the car spring, the
spring may squeak when rotating and rubbing at the hook of the original car. Put the
grease to the spring and the hook joint of the opening and closing door
3. Remove the cushion rubber plug
Remove the cushion rubber plugs on the swing arms on the left and right sides of the
original door
4. Install the door bracket
Install the bracket with M8 screws through the hole on the part of the original car,
and lock the side of the bracket with M5 screws. ( It’s the same installation methods
for the left and right side ).
5. Install Car body bracket
Install the bracket to the car body in the position shown in the picture below (the
same installation method for left and right).
6. Precautions
Pay attention to the wiring harness of original car , so as not to hit the strut during
the movement
(The following picture shows the installation perspective of the left bracket)
7. Install electric struts
install the electric bracket supplied by our company in the position shown in the
picture below,
( It shows the installation angle of the right strut in the picture below).
8. Install the electric lock buckle
Remove the lock buckle of original car and replace our electric suction lock buckle
(See below)
9.Install the electric lock buckle
the middle part is flattened at the position shown in the picture below
10 Install the tailgate button
Install the tailgate button in the position shown in the picture below.
11 Install the front button of the main driver seat
Install the front button of the cab in the position shown in the picture below.

12 Precautions
The unlock line and CAN line do not need to be connected.

1. One: height adjustment
One: It need adjust the tailgate to a suitable height, long press tailgate button with 5 seconds, and hear a long beep.It indicates that the height is successfully set. When it is opened again, it will open to the set height.Two: speed adjustment
2. Two: Speed adjustment
It is divided into 5 gears for the tailgate switch speed , the default is 4 gears, the lowest is 2 gears, and the highest is 6 gears. Press and hold the tailgate button. When you hear the buzzer beeps twice, it means that the speed setting is successful. When you hear the buzzer beeps three times, it means that the speed is set to gear three, and so on. After it is completed for the installation, the decoder needs to be matched when plugged in: adjust the electric tailgate to the highest position, and press and hold the tailgate to add Install the button for 5 seconds, release the button after a long beep, and the matching operation is completed (re-matching operation is required to re-power on)

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