Model 3 Dedicated HUD Installation Manual

1. Introduction

1.1. This article introduces the installation method and precautions of the Tesla model3 dedicated HUD.

1.2. Note:

a. To facilitate your installation, please read the instruction manual carefully before installation. Pay attention to protect the car surface during installation to avoid scratches. Please strictly follow the wiring diagram.

b. This installation process does not involve screw disassembly. The inner trim panel is of pure clip structure. You may use a plastic panel pry bar as shown. It is not advisable to use metal tools as they may damage the interior.

pry bar for hud installation

2. Installation Steps

2.1 Connect the original plugs

2.1.1 Remove the interior trim panel behind the central control armrest as shown (each circled position of the interior trim panel has a buckle, which can be opened directly without using any tools).


2.1.2 After opening, you can see a pair of plugs as shown (white or blue).


2.1.3 Connect the provided white plugs to the original plugs as shown.

Precautions: Before unplugging the original plugs, please turn off the vehicle power through the central control panel.


2.2 Wire the cables

2.2.1 Wiring Diagram

Plug position behind the center armrest box-> along the main driving side, the center armrest box and the carpet joint, to above the accelerator pedal-> through the trim panel under the center console to the A pillar-> through the A pillar, the joint of the front windshield and the interior, to the direct front of the steering wheel.


2.2.2 Along the main driver’s seat side, at the junction of the central control armrest box and the carpet, wire the cables to above the accelerator pedal (yellow line indicated the wiring diagram inside the interior panel).


2.2.3 Through the trim panel under the center console of the driver’s seat to the A-pillar.


2.2.4 Through the A-pillar, the joint of the front windshield and the interior, to the direct front of the steering wheel.


Note: In this step, you need to remove the shown interior panel No. 1 to conceal the wiring.


2.3 Place HUD unit

Put the soft silicone fixing plate of the HUD unit on the front of the steering wheel near the yellow slot (about 5cm to 10cm).


2.4 Insert the cable plug into the unit plug port.


2.5 Commissioning

After fixing the main unit, adjust the angle of the optical lens as shown to achieve the best use effect.


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