Nissan Qashqai 2018 electric tailgate lift install manual

Four advantages:

  • open & close the power trunk using a kick sensor.
  • open & close the trunk using the key fob.
  • close the power liftgate kit with the supplied button (added in the automatic liftgate).
  • open the power trunk using the front button
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products detail show:

Install steps

1. Original car appearance
2. Open the qashqai 2018 tailgate
3: Remove the screw in the circle
4: Pry the tailgate decorative panel and remove it
5.After pry the tailgate decorative, the effect of the tailgate decorative panel is as follows:
6: Pry Anti-collision rubber column
7: Pull out Anti-collision rubber column and tear down Anti-collision rubber column Base
8: After pull out Anti-collision rubber column, this hole is Body bracket fixing screw hole
9: pry Spring circlip, then pull out the spring circlip.
10:Pull out Body ball stud.
11: Fix the body bracket on the car body(Install the bottom of the body bracket against the
body guide)
12: Hold the screw of the tailgate bracket fixing nut piece of our company with your finger,
and insert the nut piece into the square hole above the tailgate.
13: For the screw hole position, put your hand into the tailgate metal sandwich to fix the nut
piece and tighten the screw.
14: Tighten the other screw and secure the bracket
15: Install our electric poles.
16: Position the pole power cord, punch the hole in the red circle as shown below, and passthrough the power cord (the drill bit is 16mm).
17: Remove the tailgate lock decorative panel.
18: Install the pull-tab and limit bracket.
19: After replacing the zipper bolt, the original car limit glue is mounted on the limit
20: Open the button on the left side of the trunk. In order to facilitate the installation of the
zipper motor.
21: Pull the decorative panel on the left side of the trunk. The drive box is placed in the
direction of the arrow as follows.
22: Pull out the decorative panel of the driver’s seat. Can see the original car 0BD plug
23: The effect picture after pulling open is as follows
24: Docking with the original car OBD, the effect is as follows
25: Use the crowbar to open the left side cover of the driver’s seat
26:Find 30A common power supply in the original car fuse box
27:At the upper left of the driver’s seat, punch the front center button.
28:Route the power cord along the bottom of the left door trim panel.
29:Red power cord, yellow for the zip line and orange for the ground

30:Pass the power cord and zip line through the left bellows.

31:Route the power cord and zip line along the left side to the tail door lock.
32:Attach all harness connectors and secure the control box to the red circle. As shown
33:Pull out the original tailgate lock harness connector and dock with our harness
34:Pull out the original tailgate handle and find the button harness connector to connect
with our harness connector.
35 The ground wire is in the left corner of the tail box as shown.
36:Fix the negative ground wire of the power supply to the screw on the left side of the tail box. This screw is in the left corner of the decorative panel of the lock bolt. (Please connect the ground according to the recommended position of our company, otherwise the button on the front of the key will not be normal.)

37:Install the tailgate button on the tailgate trim panel. As shown in the figure, restore the trim panel. After the installation is complete, manually close the tailgate reset once for system initialization.

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